Musclemania Women's Physique and Figure competitor, Norma Jeane Madrid, shares, "They say competitions are won from the back and if you want to build head-turning glutes you need to do more than a few squats here and there. Musclemania Women's Physique and Figure Universe Competitor, Norma Jeane Madrid, hits legs and glutes multiple times per week and reminds us that "Doing a few squats and expecting your booty to magically lift and tone itself is not gonna give you the results you're after. The butt is composed of three main muscles: Glute medius, minimus, and maximus and to build a nice toned booty that wins competitions requires isolating and working each of these muscles." Here are some highlights from her latest booty-blasting workout:

Deadlifts 3 x 8-12
Barbell Squats 3 x 8-12
Weighted Step Ups 3 x 12-15
Side Lunges 3 x 12-15
Reverse Glute Bridge 3 x 20
Side Lying Clam 3 x 20"