2016 Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Natalia Castillo shares "Winning the prestigious title of Pro Ms Bikini America was not only a physical accomplishment but a mental breakthrough. Back in August 2016, I made the decision to improve my life, change bad habits and be the very best version of myself!

I'm so very thankful to God for allowing me to have the health, strength and self determination to go after my dreams. Today, 4 months later I stand tall and proud knowing that this is only the beginning of many more amazing doors that will open for me. I am certain that with hard work, determination, confidence and faith our boundaries are limitless.

I am truly humbled and honored to be part of such an amazing organization: Fitness Universe / Musclemania. I had the chance to meet the founder and president Mr. Louis Zwick last week, he is the most humble guy you'll ever meet. I have so much respect for what he has created and I absolutely love how much he cares about the competitors and the amazing show he produces!

Let me conclude by saying that I believe there is a reason and a purpose behind every victory; I have a mission in life to keep encouraging and inspiring those around me! As I always say: The Best is Yet to Come! ✨☝🏽️😍"