2015 Fitness Universe Finalist Andrea Baker Johnson shares, "In the 4th grade, an oh-so-dreamy boy told me, although he liked my personality, he liked another girl more than he liked me, because I was too fat.

In that moment, the world whispered to me that it wasn’t okay to like myself. It shouted I wasn’t good enough. It began the warfare that is comparison between myself and others. For the next 15 years, I fought that beastly battle.

Then I declared, 'I will feel whole, wonderful, and worthy one day!'

And the journey of self-development began. I formed powerful friendships with the beautiful women I used to envy. I stopped blaming all men for the mistakes so few made. I moved my body. I flooded my body with nutrition. I spoke kind words to myself. I took responsibility. I stopped looking for approval outside of myself.

Without explanation, without minimization, I stand here today as a woman who roots for herself!"