"After Fitness America 2015 where I surprised myself and my coach with not only a third place in the Ms. Bikini America PRO division but also a second place in the Figure America open class; together we set the bar a bit higher for Fitness Universe 2016. I set out the audacious goal to win my first Ms. Bikini Universe PRO show and make a run to earn my Figure Universe Pro title.

After 20 weeks of prep, and a move to a new city somewhere in the middle, I met my audacious goal head on in Miami at Fitness Universe. I walked away falling just a bit short of my goal for two pro cards, but I did, in fact, win my first pro show as Ms. Bikini Universe. Regardless of the outcome, I left that stage feeling accomplished and powerful! Over the 5 years competing, I have learned that if I don't set those big audacious goals I underestimate myself, and regardless of whether those goals were achieved I gave it my absolute best shot.

And I will continue to be bold, be brave, and feel absolutely powerful in whatever goals I set for myself in the future", says 2016 Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Champion Chanel Carter.