Personal Trainer Maria Pasquale Marques is an inspiration! She happily shares, "So here it is! Here is my true trophy! My visual proof that I built my inner self-confidence that just so happened to radiate throughout for all to see. That woman on the left has grown into an amazing, happy woman that you see on the right. A PROUD and confident and HAPPY woman! When I first started this program I was not interested in placing at all, I was just happy to get my abs in the shape they were in and just happy to reach the stage. Something I thought I could never do. The journey was my true prize. Placing 2nd in Bikini Open Tall was just mind blowing and just crazy! I really cannot wait to do this again! Thank you all the ladies for all the support. It's so awesome to be able to uplift one another and know that you matter to other women and know that you have such great support!"