"Stuck in the ALL or NOTHING mentality?," asks Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano. "I feel you. It happens to us all. Maybe you’ve been super consistent with your workouts and food and then BOOM a day happens where shit hits the fan, you barely moved and you’re eating Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast & dinner."

"So here’s some advice I give my clients . . . don’t beat yourself up! It’s okay. Days like this are completely normally and doesn’t mean you’ve ruined everything."

"Here’s what happens and some tips on how to go from ALL or Nothing to well something:"

"Sometimes time is of the essence and you look at a workout and you know there is zero chance you will be able to complete it all . . . so instead of doing any of it ..you skip it. Switch this mindset to, I’m going to set my timer for 30 minutes, start the workout and wherever I finish I finish."

"You have your Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast and then decided . . . fuck it I ruined the day so might as well just not eat or order some pizza and call it a day. Switch this mindset too...damn that ice cream was good now it’s time for me to eat some protein and veggies in my next meal so my body gets what it needs."

"All or Nothing can be dangerous. So instead let’s do SOMETHING."