Fitness Universe Pro Champion Anca Bucur Miss Fitness shares, "My little baby artist is punching, kicking, and giving me lot of energy! 🤰🏻😁❤
We did together an amazing interval class ( 7 am)
I feel better and better. I have energy, even if my sleep is not the best, and WE love healthy food! I'm getting used to my new body. Once the nausea went off, I started eating as I did before: healthy and controlled.
I'm starting to love my shapes and especially the belly, because there's someone who keeps the rhythm with me every day, "talks to me" and kicks hard sometimes.🙏💪
Over the past few days I looked at the pictures of me in the "glory period," but not with regret but with pride. I go through some new state, but I embrace all this experience with open heart. First comes our pregnancy, our little one, and our health.
I’m not sleepy anymore, I feel good at the gym, I still have days with 2-3-4, different classes, I run every Thursday with the Adidas community. Instead, I've learned to adapt my trainings, my intensity, and of course moves. Amazing how a woman body is. 😌"