Over 15 Years of Fitness

October 26th, 2021|0 Comments

Former basketball player and cross country runner, Kelly Rios says she's done function fitness for over 15 years. The 6', 155 lbs., 32 year old has also been bodybuilding for the past [...]

Exercise Enthusiast

October 23rd, 2021|0 Comments

Always a sports junkie, Kelly Rose Semeniuk played high school softball and loves snowboarding, hiking and bike rides. But she's also been a weight lifter and exercise enthusiast for many [...]

Take Care of Yourself

October 21st, 2021|0 Comments

Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano says, "Just a reminder to take care of you. I had a great chat with a coach yesterday about taking time for you! I love [...]

Motivation is Fleeting

October 19th, 2021|0 Comments

US Army soldier Frantzcesca Casimir says, "What I’ve come to learn is that motivation is fleeting. It can be here today and gone tomorrow. So, to rely on motivation to be successful [...]

Flourishing Fitness Passion

October 12th, 2021|0 Comments

With 23 years of experience, Figure Universe™ Pro Rachel Gendron is a seasoned veteran on stage and in the gym. The 5'4", 130 lbs., 42 years young is an ACE [...]

Never Quit!

October 7th, 2021|Comments Off on Never Quit!

Model Universe™ Andrea M. Estrada says, "Key learning point from this past month is to never quit! When you’ve tried and tried again, but failed to accomplish your goal or dream, it’s [...]

Active & Healthy!

October 5th, 2021|Comments Off on Active & Healthy!

Fitness Universe™ Pro Anca Bucar says, "I have learned in recent years to appreciate myself more and enjoy the present. I like what I have become today and I love [...]

11 Important Things

October 2nd, 2021|Comments Off on 11 Important Things

Ms. Bikini Latina Xime Chvls Mng says, "Here's 11 really important things I've learned lately:" 1 - Fight for what you want! Have an impossible dream and fight for it. [...]

Always Smiling

September 30th, 2021|Comments Off on Always Smiling

Fitness America Champion Angela Gargano reflects, "My mom told me that since I was a baby I was always 'smiling'. It’s a habit I have . . . I smile [...]

Enjoying the Process

September 27th, 2021|Comments Off on Enjoying the Process

Veteran Fitness Universe Pro Junko Hashimoto says, "It took a long time for me to develop the skills to perform and be among the best natural ladies on stage! I [...]

Enjoying a Healthy Lifestyle

September 21st, 2021|Comments Off on Enjoying a Healthy Lifestyle

Ms. Bikini Korea Hae-na Kim has competed for over 5 years while she focuses on family. However, the Seoul fitness center owner is still engaged, training daily, mentoring clients and [...]

There’s No Best Workout

September 15th, 2021|Comments Off on There’s No Best Workout

Ms. Bikini Universe™ Pro Leah Gruber says, "There is no one workout or exercise that is the best. It’s what’s best for your body and goals. I have been working a lot [...]

The Necessity of Healing

September 8th, 2021|Comments Off on The Necessity of Healing

Jodi Mehan says, "We are all wounded my friends. Healing is a necessary part of life. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But we heal." "We don’t all heal at the [...]

Striving to Get Better

September 4th, 2021|Comments Off on Striving to Get Better

Ms. Bikini Universae Pro Carley Morgan says, "Feeling nostalgic knowing it’s been over two months since the Universe competition." What a lot of people don’t know that in the bikini [...]

Praise Yourself

September 2nd, 2021|Comments Off on Praise Yourself

Fitness trainer Katie Veazie-Vitale says, "For me, training to be athletic, move well, lift heavy, and move fast has truly healed my relationship with my own body and food. There’s [...]

Don’t Let Up

August 28th, 2021|Comments Off on Don’t Let Up

US Army soldier Frantzcesca Casimir says, "Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. [...]

Keep Going

August 26th, 2021|Comments Off on Keep Going

Back from Miami Swimsuit week, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea M. Estrada says, "Booked zero castings this week, but it was still a good time in Miami. Still learning the ways of [...]

Best Version of Me

August 24th, 2021|Comments Off on Best Version of Me

As a wife, mother of 3 girls and grandmother of 2, Mississippi's Valarie Grace knows about personal responsibility. And, as a lifelong farm insurance underwriter, she also knows about professional [...]

Natural Performer

August 21st, 2021|Comments Off on Natural Performer

As a dancer for 17 years and cheerleader for 9 years, Madison Fernandez is a natural performer. But the 5'3", 138 lbs., 22 year old also used to play basketball [...]

The Journey Continues

August 17th, 2021|Comments Off on The Journey Continues

Fitness Universe Pro Lorrie Lean says, "You are not the product of your past! You can change anything you set your mind to and work at. Stop comparing yourself. I’m working on [...]

Fitness Passion

August 10th, 2021|Comments Off on Fitness Passion

Ms. Bikini Korea Kim Hae Na 김해나 has turned fitness passions into commercial success. The 5'6", 110 lbs., Seoul model is also a popular celebrity trainer.