2016 Ms. Bikini Overall Champion Cameron Biafore talks about the importance of being healthy from inside out, not just focusing on the exterior.

Cameron says, "A healthy outside, starts from the inside

I have always been health conscious, but unaware that our food was so unbelievably depleted of nutrients, and it made my body work so hard to get into the shape I knew I deserved.

The first picture, believe it or not I worked out 6 times a week, I ate clean by the books, I was tired, over worked, burnt out from school, my muscles always hurt ( even tho you can’t see them ) and i rarely had a cheat day. I used protein and other supplements, but never saw a difference

The second picture is after I discovered nutritional rebalancing. THIS was the biggest blessing that ever came into my life, immediately I felt a huge difference in my energy go up, I started focusing better in school, I no longer felt I needed to take a nap, my muscles were recovering faster and I lost all the body fat my body wouldn’t let go of!

I feel really amazing. I’m confident, and inspired, I workout LESS than I did before and have better results. My body is happy. I am happy!

Are you ready for a change?"