Working on Flexibility

August 12th, 2020|Comments Off on Working on Flexibility

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamara Garrett says, "When this whole pandemic is over, there is no reason you shouldn't have gained something from it all. Whether that be a skill, [...]

4 Year Transformation

August 10th, 2020|Comments Off on 4 Year Transformation

Check out Joan MacDonald who at 74 years young says, "You can't turn the clock back, but you can rewind it! She began 4 year transformation and promises the best [...]

Feeling the Strength and the Gains

August 8th, 2020|Comments Off on Feeling the Strength and the Gains

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Cora-Leigh Hutchinson-Gray says, "I am a powerful open authentic and courageous woman. After several months of isometric workouts feeling the strength 💪🏼 and the gains."

Effort, Dedication, and Discipline

August 7th, 2020|Comments Off on Effort, Dedication, and Discipline

"A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to train for a couple of days in a new gym here in Mexico City," says Xime Chvls Mng. The pandemic lockdown [...]

Get Up, Get Moving, Get Doing

August 5th, 2020|Comments Off on Get Up, Get Moving, Get Doing

Fitness diva Krissy Cela says, "And just like that she made her dreams come true. Why do you think I keep telling you to DO THIS FOR YOU. I cannot express to [...]

Motivation to Stay Active

August 4th, 2020|Comments Off on Motivation to Stay Active

Ms. Bikini Paris Prisca Modèle says, "We had a lovely weekend in Nice. It reminded me how precious life and good health for all of us. Its my motivation to stay active, [...]

Making Progress

August 2nd, 2020|Comments Off on Making Progress

Washington D.C. OGBYN Dr. Cordelia Nwankwo says, "Progress and perfection cannot coexist.” ⁣ ⁣ "I’m definitely a goal oriented person. Regardless of what it is -fitness, finances, career, etc. I [...]

2020 Goals

August 1st, 2020|Comments Off on 2020 Goals

Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano says, "My 2020 goals continue . . ." ⠀ - I want to run a 5k again in a solid time (haven’t done that since before my [...]

Find a Balance

July 31st, 2020|Comments Off on Find a Balance

All twisted up, British fitness diva Tammy Rara says, "You get out of your practice what you put in. When you practice at home, you can modify your practice to [...]

New Goals in Mind

July 30th, 2020|Comments Off on New Goals in Mind

Ms. Bikini New Mexico @Jamara Garrett says, "Wonder what I'm having for lunch today? I've got food and new goals on my mind! I've decided to bulk up 🙊🍑💪and I'm pretty [...]

Strong and Beautiful

July 28th, 2020|Comments Off on Strong and Beautiful

Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano-Fitness says, "We as humans can be so damn hard on ourselves. I’ve seen so many women & believe it or not men, who judge themselves on their [...]

Feeling Passionate

July 27th, 2020|Comments Off on Feeling Passionate

Ms. Bikini Mexico Monica Murillo says, "Feeling passionate about my fitness lifestyle everyday and thankful for the health and happiness it brings."

Healthy Diet

July 25th, 2020|Comments Off on Healthy Diet

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Yogi Kocan says, "This month I'm focused on eating unprocessed food! Healthy diet is 70% of our success. I try to eat 5-6 meals a day. Plenty of [...]

Feeling Blessed

July 24th, 2020|Comments Off on Feeling Blessed

Ms. Bikini Latina Javihana Azul says, "Feeling blessed with good health and positive mind for my family and friends."

Comfort and Confidence

July 22nd, 2020|Comments Off on Comfort and Confidence

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Yogi Kocan asks, "Do you feel comfortable in your own body? Many times my clients ask me, 'What weight or body fat is right for me?' I honestly [...]

Mid-Workout Sweaty Pose

July 20th, 2020|Comments Off on Mid-Workout Sweaty Pose

California fitness diva Chanel Coco Brown says, "Mid-workout sweaty pose💧. Before I heard the news that gyms in LA are closing again🤦🏽‍♀️! Its back to home training!"

Balanced Diet

July 18th, 2020|Comments Off on Balanced Diet

Mexican fitness diva Xime Chvls Mng says, "Everything in life must be defined with balance. The fact of having a healthy lifestyle does not limit us to give ourselves certain [...]

Fresh Fitness

July 17th, 2020|Comments Off on Fresh Fitness

Chanel Coco Brown fresh fitness!

Create Your Future

July 15th, 2020|Comments Off on Create Your Future

Ms. Bikini Paris Prisca Modèle says, "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Clean Diet and Light Weight Exercises

July 13th, 2020|Comments Off on Clean Diet and Light Weight Exercises

Ms. Bikini Universe Daisy Ward says, "I must admit the gains are good. Hopefully I can keep some size and strip the body fat. Being on my cleanest diet ever [...]

Take Care of Yourself

July 11th, 2020|Comments Off on Take Care of Yourself

Ms. Bikini Latina Javihana Azul says, "Day by day work on you, take care of yourself and love yourself, accept yourself and show yourself what you are capable of doing for those [...]