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Out of Retirement

Former Fitness Universe & Ms. Bikini Universe Katie Uter says she's coming out of retirement and will be competing next weekend in Las Vegas. "I took off some time, got married and have a new baby girl. So, I started training again to get back into shape and just keep thinking, 'Do I really want to compete again'. The answer was obvious! I am so excited to be back on stage." The 35 year old fitness star will also be shooting for Oxygen magazine while at Fitness America Weekend.

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Camp Explosion

She's already won both the Fitness Universe Pageant and Ms. Bikini Universe.  So when Katie Uter holds her annual Fitness Explosion Weekend Camp , its is an event not to miss.  She promises the Camp will be a complete program to help you get ready to succeed on the fitness scene.  Katie says, the Camp will give you the skills and motivation you need to compete.  You will leave with new knowledge and motivation."  And, it seems like everything is included - competition training, make-up, beauty, hair and dieting, stage presentation, costuming, mental preparation and routine choreography.  Katie and her staff goes further, too, including budgeting and expense planning, overcoming fears and keeping the fun in fitness competition.  And, of course, there's Ladies Night Out . . . Louisiana style!  Everything's on March 13-15 in Baton Rouge.  Check it out at www.katieuterfitness.com .

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Katie’s New Clinic

Yes, you read it right!  Former Fitness Universe Pageant Champion Katie Uter will be hosting Cheer Fit Clinics for ladies throughout the Bayou region.  Its something out of the ordinary for this talented and internationally acclaimed fitness star.  But with her skills as a former cheerleader, professional choreographer and other experience and those of other camp coaches of Team Louisiana Explosion, a complete array of fitness and cheer skills will be covered.  Katie will offer stunt training, techniques to improve jumps, injury prevention, team building and much more.  She started competing as a fitness competitor over ten years ago and has won Fitness Delta and Universe Pageants plus Ms. Bikini Universe and America.  Learn more at www.katieuterfitness.com .

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Camp Exploded

In just its second year, Katie Uter's Camp Explosion was a blast for the Bayou fitness girls.  With nearly 50 fitness campers attending, the former Fitness Universe Pageant Champion demonstrated with personal experience and knowledge what it takes to become a world class Fitness, Ms. Bikini and Figure competitor.  The 29 year old, all natural star began competing ten years ago and is featured regularly in fitness magazines such as Oxygen.  Katie recently announced her engagement and is contemplating on return to competition one more time.

Other camp news includes Camp Savage Midwest which has been added for ladies planning to compete at Fitness Midwest, Texas, Mountain Pride and other summer shows.

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10th Anniversary Universe

It is common knowledge in the fitness industry that in 1989 the Fitness America Pageant was created as a made-for-television production for ESPN International and soon grew into a regional series of shows.  And with this growth in popularity among competitors and television viewers, the network wanted another major fitness show.  So, in 1999, the Fitness Universe Pageant was introduced to the women's fitness community and welcome competitors from around the world.  Since then, many of the most talented and beautiful fitness women have won this prestigious show.  This year in Miami, the Fitness Universe Pageant will celebrate its 10th Anniversary and welcome many of the former champions to the stage.  Kelly Gigliant was a former Disney World dancer when she won the first FUP and showed her incredible performance skills.   Erika Marcantonio was a former Miami Heat Cheerleader and Katie Uter had been competing since she was 19 and the FUP was her first international level win.  Carolyn Evans had lived around the world with her parents and acquired extensive dance experience and Sheri McCall Vuvick was a former competitive gymnast and has won FUP an unprecedented two times!  Wendi West started competing at the 1996 FAP ESPN Series and was untouchable at FUP.  And, Rhonda Finlayson incorporated an eclectic routine and props while Dawn Butterfield is the only one to win both FAP and FUP titles.  With the tremendous talent competing, this year's Fitness Universe Pageant in Miami will be the most exciting ever with ladies from the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia and only one will become the 10th Anniversary FUP Champion!

Fitness Universe Pageant Champions

1999  Kelly Gigliant
2000  Erika Marcantonio
2001  Katie Uter
2002  Carolyn Evans
2003  Sheri McCall
2004  Wendi West
2005  Rhonda Finlayson
2006  Sheri McCall Vuvick
2007  Dawn Butterfield

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Red Hot Camp

It may have been freezing cold in Boston last weekend, but it was red hot at Camp Savage !  Over 100 people attended including fitness campers from around the country as well as Fitness, Ms. Bikini and Model Universe stars like Wendi West, Dawn Butterfield, Sylvia Tremblay, Janelle Nicolo, Lindsay Messina, Megan Hoffman, Jazzy Corbett, Chianne Medina and many other fitness celebrities.  The two-day camp gave newcomers to fitness, bikini and figure a full array of tools, guidance and instruction about competing with the "wow" factor.  The camps have become so popular that Camp Savage will also be held in Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale.  And, former Fitness and Ms. Bikini Universe winner Katie Uter will host her exciting Camp Explosion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on February 22-24.  As additional camps are announced throughout the year, they will be posted at FU.com

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Team Explosion

It started nearly 10 years ago when a 19 year old college student saw Fitness America on ESPN and decided to compete. Katie Uter finished among the Top 20 and has never turned back.  Now the reigning Ms. Bikini Universe and former Fitness Universe Pageant Champion helps train and coach Team Louisiana Explosion.  Among active team members are Keri Bourg and Angelina Harvey, two very popular fitness and bikini competitors who credit their entry into fitness shows as a turning point in their lives.  Said Keri, "These shows have given me a lot self confidence and really taught me to enjoy life."  Angelina is a college student and finds that competing helps to relax her state of mind.  "Training and competitions balances my life", says claims.   But with Hurricane Katrina, these Delta regional fitness stars felt that preparing for shows have helped them keep everything in perspective.  "Through the toughest parts of the storm's aftermath, training really helped my family, friends and I through the recovery," said Katie.  "It was one of the few constants in our lives."

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Southern Bikini Belle

She started competing 10 years ago and won the '03 Fitness Universe Pageant, but Katie Uter has made the transition into a Ms. Bikini sensation.  The 29 year old mom and personal trainer won the recent Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami after winning the Tall Class but loosing the overall at the '05 Ms. Bikini America.  At 5'9", 120 lbs., Katie presents a statuesque yet curvy appearance and with down home looks.  She said, "I just love competing and having a good time with my fitness friends.  This is a weekend I wouldn't miss."  The Louisiana native sports her LA Explosion Fitness Team which includes Angelina Harvey, Kerrie Berg and other Southern Belles.  Katie is sponsored and endorses Muscletech for the past 5 years and is a regular in Oxygen and other fitness magazines.

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Fitness Talent vs. Bikini Beauty

Nearly 100 of the hottest fitness women in the country competed at the Ms. Bikini America last month. And with winners like Katie Uter (Tall), Heather Green (Short & Overall) and Dawn Butterfield (Classic), there were no complaints about the results. Uniquely popular was the new Classic Division which highlighted beautiful and mature women at least 35 years of age. But like most fitness shows, the Ms. Bikini division has had a direct affect upon the Fitness America ranks which includes the dreaded Fitness Round. Since introducing Ms. Bikini 4 years ago, it has grown and now surpasses FAP competitors by 3-to-1. It is easier to diet for a swimsuit show than train for an athletic event. In fact, with 37 FAP competitiors, for the first time in its 16 year history, there was no Preliminary event. The athletic talent and natural beauty of the FAP contestants were at a premium this year. And, so both FAP and MBA will be broadcast on ESPN International, TSN Canada and other worldwide sports television networks in early 2006.

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“I’ve Had So Much Fun!”

Former FUP Champion Katie Uter came to Hollywood with intentions to enter both the Ms. Bikini America and Model America. But after winning the Ms. Bikini America - Tall Class on Saturday, she became booked with photo shoots, modeling jobs and commercial auditions. So, on Sunday morning, Katie called the event organizers to say, "I've had so much fun this weekend. But, I want to skip the modeling show because I am so busy with photographers. The weekend has been awesome, so much fun!" Katie started her competitive fitness career at the '97 FAP in California when she was just 19 years old. She currently lives with her daughter Brooke in Louisiana and endured Hurricane Katrina. But it did not stop her from preparing for Hollywood and, as she put it, "It was all worth the struggle."

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