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First for Figure

It took a long time to convince the promoters, but the first annual MM Superbody Figure Championships was finally held at the Universe Weekend.  With a smooth transition of some former Ms. Bikini competitors into Figure girls, there was little confusion with the criteria and most were comfortable with the judges results. Among the Top 3 was an all-star line-up including '05 Ms. Bikini America Heather Green, '02 Fitness Canada Champion Ocean Bloom and new comer Elaine Seth.  Said Heather following the show, "I just love this new division because I don't have force myself to stay soft.  I am naturally more muscular, so this is perfect for me."  Ocean was more than disappointed after placing out of the Top 20 in the Fitness Universe Pageant but ecstatic to nudge Heather for the overall Figure title.  Heather is a wife and mother of two from Tampa and Ocean a personal trainer from British Columbia, Canada.  Some Figure contestants were testing the new division.  Said Ms. Bikini Universe Classic Kathy Fehringer, "I just wanted to try it out and now I know the bikini is for me and my body."  MM Figure is now featured at all MM regional and national events.

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A Family Affair

She won the Ms. Bikini America beating many other outstanding sports models stars like former FUP Champion Katie Uter.  But, Florida's Heather Green isn't satisfied and is aiming to take on the first annual Superbody Figure Championships in Miami.  The 33 year old wife and mother has been featured in a bevy of fitness magazines but wants to bump up her game plan.  "I really enjoy bikini shows, but want to try the new figure shows," says Heather.  " I've always tried to '"tone it down"' for the Ms. Bikini competitions and I feel that this is a great opportunity for me to stand up and be proud of the muscle definition that I have achieved throughout my years of weight training. "   And, if getting serious wasn't enough, Heather has convinced her husband Adam to tighten up and get into shape for the Model Universe being held on the same weekend.  According to Adam, "This is the first time for me so I plan just to have a lot of fun with it."  The husband and wife team aims to keep fitness in their lives.

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Fitness Talent vs. Bikini Beauty

Nearly 100 of the hottest fitness women in the country competed at the Ms. Bikini America last month. And with winners like Katie Uter (Tall), Heather Green (Short & Overall) and Dawn Butterfield (Classic), there were no complaints about the results. Uniquely popular was the new Classic Division which highlighted beautiful and mature women at least 35 years of age. But like most fitness shows, the Ms. Bikini division has had a direct affect upon the Fitness America ranks which includes the dreaded Fitness Round. Since introducing Ms. Bikini 4 years ago, it has grown and now surpasses FAP competitors by 3-to-1. It is easier to diet for a swimsuit show than train for an athletic event. In fact, with 37 FAP competitiors, for the first time in its 16 year history, there was no Preliminary event. The athletic talent and natural beauty of the FAP contestants were at a premium this year. And, so both FAP and MBA will be broadcast on ESPN International, TSN Canada and other worldwide sports television networks in early 2006.

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Ms. Bikini Mommie

Florida fitness star Heather Green has one of the hottest bodies in the sport. And, last weekend, she won the Ms. Bikini America (Short Class and Overall) where nearly 100 other bikini ladies competed at the famed Hollywood & Highland Center. This was Heather's second Short Class win in as many years of competing. The former high school cheerleader and track star has always been athletic along with her 4 sisters. Heather's husband Adam, a hospital radiologist, supports her fitness ambitions and travels to all her shows. Says Heather, "We leave the kids at home during my shows but make up for it with lots of love when we get home. Someday they will come with us to see Mommie compete."

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