2014 Ms. Bikini Universe Master Champion and Figure Pro Ann Hubbard Says "Ladies, NEVER give up the fight as your body goes through hormonal changes as you age. If you are patient and consistent you will WIN." As she fought 15 years of infertility and 12 documented miscarriages, her body was stretched back and forth like an exercise band. "All I wanted was to have children." Says Hubbard. She couldn't understand why, but believed that GOD had to have a reason. After her 3rd miscarriage she knew she needed to do something about the excess weight and to feel better both physically and mentally. This is when she started her journey in Fitness 19 years ago at the age of 29. After numerous treatments finally she gave birth to her MIRACLE baby Hunter Jośe Hubbard. "After each miscarriage she accepted her out of shape body as the starting point and worked from there to RECLAIM her health, wellness and body. "It is amazing how our bodies can transform through training and natural clean foods and specific nutrition to achieve a certain look. Bodybuilding, figure, or bikini I have done all three. There doesn't have to be fad diets or any drugs just hard consistent and disciplined actions that can be duplicated over and over at every age. Your body will respond but it takes time. "2012 it was my first Pro Figure competition at Fitness America in Las Vegas at the age of 47. No age, no height or weight classes in the Pro Division. 4th Place overall and I was over a decade older than these other beautiful ladies in the winners circle. It proved to me once again that AGE, pregnancy, or hormonal changes does not have to be a reason to let yourself go. Just believe in the process and never give up on yourself and it will work throughout your lifetime." Says Hubbard.