• age-defying

Age Defying

Sixty-seven years young Ruby Carter Pikes proves that age does not matter by winning the ’14 Figure America Masters Division and the ’14 […]

  • DSC_1899-(2)

Setting New Goals

’14 Ms. Bikini All Forces Champion Karye Mclendon competed in her fourth competition this year at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. This […]

  • DSC_2917-(3)

Flying High

The angelic Ranee Brady presenting her wings at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She took 1st place for both Ms. Bikini […]

  • jessica-vasquez

Balancing Lives

Second grade bilingual teacher Jessica Vasquez gives her all for both her teaching and fitness career. She faces many challenges in trying […]

  • DSC_7192-(3)

Resisting Temptation

’14 Physique America winner Lauren Austin is a former 5th grade teacher who found a passion for fitness. She always sets short […]

  • DSC_1644-(5)

Improving and Integrating

Bodybuilder and personal trainer Tara Ebejer won 1st place in the ’14 Musclemania® America Women’s division. She is now into her off-season […]

  • winning-streak

Winning Streak

Congratulations to the mesmerizing Shannah Baker for winning the ’14 Ms. Bikini America Overall! She won the Open Medium Class, went on […]

  • peak-fitness

Peak Fitness

Romanian beauties Vanda Maria Hadarean(left) and Anca Bucur(right) rocking a photo shoot at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. Vanda teaches […]

  • sinking-in

Sinking In

Figure America Pro Champion Ashleigh Bible teaches Pre-Calculus and calculus at a high school. She not only won the Figure America Pro […]

  • worth-the-ride

Worth the Ride

Stacie Venagro, winner of the Fitness America Pro division, reflects over the events of her trip to Las Vegas. She finds her trip well […]

  • 10387457_878494278847699_5381764937611370787_n

A Stronger Me

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Model America Sports competitor Sharon Pasqual-Diaz fulfilled a rather tall order at the ’14 […]

  • DSC_2710-(3)

Extraordinary Experiences

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Leslie Pantigny experienced an extraordinary competition at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She met some outstanding people […]

  • DSC_3056-(3)

The Best of Many

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Model America Sports competitor Pau Bonilla was filled with many emotions at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend […]

  • growing-interest

Growing Interest

Model America Champion Alina Adams was the top commercial model at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. The 5’7″, 123 lbs., corporate […]

  • more-than-trophies-wp

More than Trohpies

Samantha Symes placed top 5 in both the Ms. Bikini America and Model America divisions! However, she received more than trophies that evening. […]

  • jessica-vasquez

Rewarding Fitness

International spokes model Jessica Vasquez recently traveled to India and Mexico City to spread the knowledge of health & fitness. Recognized for […]

  • andrea-baker

Body Image

Future ‘14 Ms. Bikini America Competitor Andrea Baker, a marriage and family therapist, is preparing herself for her first show. She primarily […]

  • erika-strimer

Dealing With Imperfections

Erika Strimer says ” If the face you always show the world is a mask, someday there will be nothing beneath it. […]