Break from Competition

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamie Lynn Hughes took a break from competition last year to concentrate on her company. Jamie shares, "With the rapid growth of our CrossFit competition, ETX Games, my husband and I have decided to expand by starting a separate company.; Renegade Events. In addition to ETX Games, we are developing a number of other unique ideas for CrossFit-style competitions, some which we'd like to take even further by bringing it to other spots around the country. When you realize that you've got a knack for something, you need to run with it. For the past two years, my husband and I, along with our partners, have shocked ourselves with how much fun we've had holding this event and by how enthusiastic athletes have been in participating. I can't wait to bring even more of these ideas to life!"

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What She Did To Turn Pro…

Melissa ioja is a Fitness Universe Bikini Pro, and athlete and trainer is bringing you another LIVE workout today at 9:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). She will do a real time HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) right here! She is a wife and mother of 2. The workouts she does and shoots live are ALL the ones she did when she got in shape and became a bikini pro!!!

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Keep Going!

"Today I would like to give a shout out to ALL the beautiful, STRONG, inspirational women out there in the world ?? #KeepGoing!!

The truth is we all have struggles. Deep down we all want to improve our #BestSelf. Never lose hope no matter what you may be going through!"

Follow our Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro - Jessica Vasquez for more fitness motivation!

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Feeling Good

Well-being knows no season. Why not feel good in your body all year?

Follow our Ms. Bikini France champion Kara Bellum for more wellness and fitness recomendations.

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Being Yourself

Be authentic. Be consistent. Be loyal. Be real. But most important be YOURSELF. Happy Tuesday!???? #LoveYourself

Follow our Fitnes Universe Pro - Angela Gargano-Fitness for more fitness inspiration.

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Proper Mindset

Our Fitness Universe Star - Heather Messenger health and wellness coach, invites us to meditate how we see, motivate and inspire ourselves:

"When you look in the mirror... what words are you telling yourself? Would you say them to a friend? Probably not...

So my question for you is... who, what, when, where, why, and how were those thoughts about yourself put into your mind? Most importantly... what are you going to do to change them?

Over the past 2 years I have surrounded myself with some of the most inspiring people who have taught me that you literally have power over everything in your life if you have the proper mindset. #Mindset is #everything and is a big part of our challenge we have going on this month. ??

Keep an eye out for her Facebook Live tonight, she'll get more in depth on this, if it resonates with you make sure to share it with a friend who might need to hear it too.??

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Feeling Amazing

Our beautiful 2016 Ms. Bikini America Champion - Cameron Biafore shares:

"Success feels amazing. But what feels better is knowing all your hard work behind the scenes paid off. All the training day in and day out all leads up to this one point to show the judges your victories, resiliency, unbreakable focus, and mental power that all shine right through you as you stand on that stage. The stage is the easy part. It's like finally getting to breathe and you smile because you did everything you could to be the best you could be!"

Cameron will be a guest judge at the 2016 Orange County Musclemania Championships.

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Errday, Errday, Errday!

Our strong and beautiful Ms. Fitness Universe Pro - Angela Gargano-Fitness reminds us to do what we love daily:

"I don't live for the "weekends" because I do what I love everyday. The saying is true if you love what you do you never work a day on your life. Happy to have such inspirational people in my life throughout the day!"

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Slowly But Surely

Our gorgeous Ms. Bikini Paris champ Kara Bellum invites us to remain patient if we just started a fitness journey, she shares:

"Slowly but surely. A change on the physical and mental plan takes time, effort, patience and a good battle plan.

Works for you and on you, so you can go beyond physically and mentally a little every day warrior.

Because if you don't change internally, there is little chance that any exterior changes you expect occur ???????. And how even they occur, without a profound change of the person that you are, they won't last in the time.

Effort. Patience. Change. Stay focused Warrior!"

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Colorado Guest Emcee

We're excited to have Model Colorado Champion'13 and top 8 finalist from the 2016 Ms. Bikini America pageant, Lauren Delucca, guest emcee the Musclemania Rocky Mountain Natural on April 15th!

She is a published sports and swimwear model, the reigning 2017 Ms. Woman Colorado United States Queen and former Mrs. Wyoming title holder. Lauren enjoys coaching new Model and Bikini competitors at Colorado's posing camps and is training to compete at Fitness Universe in Miami!

Lauren is a native of Iowa yet has called Cherry Creek, Colorado home for 7 years. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Nursing and works full time at her dream job helping others.

April 15th - Musclemania® Rocky Mountain Natural
Registration and tickets

2017 Rocky Mountain Championships

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