The Only Way Is Up

Our Fitness Universe Pro - Fitness Pro Stacie Venagro shares a photo of her body transformation.

Left pic - 18 years old | Right pic - 32 years old.

She adds: "Remember we all have a story... I have changed mine for the better and I haven't looked back! What's stopping you?"

The only direction Venagro is up, and nothing is stopping her.

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Stogner’s Strong Take On Life

Our Figure Universe Pro Lauren Stogner looking fierce and ready to take on her workout. "A strong person looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink 😉"

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Stay Thirsty? Never!

Our beautiful Ms. Bikini Central America Champion Nency fitness athlete enjoying her time at the beach and shares: "During this holiday week dont stop training. Look for an outdoor place to get some exercise and dont forget to stay hydrated."

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No Excuses

Fitness Universe Pro Ekaterina Meishvili from the country of Georgia shares "This is time of the Year when everybody wants to get in the bikini shape , how you stay motivated and inspired to get there it is totally up to you !! We can have all the excuses in the world , why to skip that work out or why to eat that last peace of pizza , but if you focus on big picture and not let every day temptations get to you , you will be there before you know it !! Success begins with Self discipline, it starts with You !!!"

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Soul Feeling Alive

Spectacular photo by our competitor Leah Gruber, she captions:

"Do something that makes your soul feel alive!" ??

Hoping you a good week!

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Letting Loose

Our Fitness Universe Los Angeles Bikini Champion 2015 and Fitness coach - Michelle Van Rooyen shares:

"It's the weekeeeend baby! Time to let loose and be carefree!????"

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How to celebrate…

Yippee-Fri-YAY jump by our Ms. Figure Universe Pro - Allanna Jones-Anstaett Figure Pro! ??

How do you celebrate that it's friday? ????

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Live Workouts to turn Pro!

Our Fitness Universe Bikini Pro, athlete and trainer Melissa ioja is bringing you another LIVE workout tomorrow at 9:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). She will do a real time HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) right here!????

She is a wife and mother of 2. The workouts she does and shoots live are ALL the ones she did when she got in shape and became a bikini pro!!!

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Use your creativity to make a difference in your sport, life and the world. ??

Our Ms. Bikini Universe Pro - Leslie Pantigny Bikini shares a photo of her vacay ?? at the Dominican Republic ????.

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Buenos Dias!

Good morning everyone!??

Our beautiful Ms. Bikini Universe Pro ® and Model Universe ® - Jessica Vasquez inspires us to always do things with PASSION!??

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