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Strive for Progress

Model Canada Champion Sally Leung Fitness shares " Strive for progress, not perfection. It takes time to change your body, and learning more about yourself is even more valuable than the results you’ll eventually get."

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Kudos to Bikini Lone Star Competitors

Kudos to all the competitors at Ms. Bikini Lone Star last weekend. More Texas shows this season including Alamo, Space City and Texas.

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Go for Your Goals

Ms. Bikini America Champion Lesly Palicia started an Instagram page where she will be documenting her journey to her pro debut in Fitness Asia show in Singapore this December. Lesly shares "I started up a new Instagram page (@gyozafitgirls) with a friend to help inspire and empower women around the world to go for their goals whether that be in Fitness, careers, travel, or anything really! We also touch on the importance of self love and confidence because without those you just aren’t fully you! Love yourself and let you radiance shine!"

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Face Ourselves

Ms. Bikini Pro Julie athlète ProMusclemania shares, "Pay special attention to this essential fact: "impermanence" allows us to discover ourselves by taking new paths ...
As we all know, the most effective way to evolve internally is first to self-evaluate ourselves daily and not to leave aside the parts of ourselves that we do not want to face. Then do regular checkups to be able to adjust our behavior, our ways of thinking and our actions to our values."

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Pushing to Next Goal

Ms. Bikini America Champion Leah Gruber Fit shares, "So excited to accomplish this long term goal! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be on the cover and have a feature in TRAIN for HER!!! I have been so passionate about the health and fitness industry for such a long time. This year my passionate work has really paid off by becoming a bikini pro through Fitness Universe and landing the cover of TRAIN for HER. I’m so grateful for these opportunities, and I’m already pushing towards my next fitness goals. If you’re interested to hear more sign up for my newsletter leahgruberfit.com. "

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Intensity is Key

2015 Australia Figure Medium Class Runner Up Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson says"I may not be the fastest, I’m hardly the strongest and I’m definitely not the biggest. But I’ll be sweating blood before I stop.

The GRIT is a characteristic I try to pass on to my clients. Especially if someone is new to training. When we’re new to the feeling of physical exhaustion, training can be quite daunting and maybe even a little bit scary... And it takes a while to get used to the concept that discomfort, shortness of breath, pressure and even a touch of panic can be a GOOD thing 😃

However, once we’re over this initial hurdle, intensity is key. How many calories you burn and what results you achieve in a session is completely dependant on your intensity. Make sure you always go to that place wayyyyy outside the comfort zone... 

Because in the world of creating a PHYSICAL CHANGE 👉
Quitters don’t win - and winners don’t quit 👊"

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No Trick to Transformation

Happy Saturday! Fitness Model division and Figure Rocky Mountain finalist, Shannon Rivas shares, "Posting a little transformation for my own motivation, as well as the motivation for ANYONE else! The first photo is comparing April 2017- April 2018. There is is no secret pill. There is no trick. Just hard work and faith in yourself! This is something I never even imagined myself doing. HERE I AM! Proof that anyone can change their life and reach their goals!"

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Gather for a Photoshoot

Ms. Bikini & Model Korea stars Choi Kyu-jinKoni Heo, So Hee Lee (이소희),and Yu Mi Oh, got together for a military style photo-shoot. All four of them where part of the May issue of Korean Fitness Magazine Max Q.

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May the Fourth

May the 4th be with you, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Su Zam shares, "As a child I always wanted to become my favorite characters! Today... I'm not a little girl 😉... but I've been fortunate to be able to make it happen!!!" #maythefourth #Starwars

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Journey to FAW

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea Estrada is getting ready to launch her series “Journey to Fitness America” soon. Andrea is already a Bikini Pro, but she is setting her sights on being a pro in another category, the Fitness division. This series will chronicle her journey all the way to the Fitness America Weekend stage this November in Las Vegas.

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