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Push Through!

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Maia Meier shares, “Try this in your next workout…When you think you are unable to do another rep, push through and do it. Safety first of course, form and technique are important, but give it a try! You like a challenge, right?”

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Never too Late!

Ms. Bikini Classic Europe Champion Jana Kovacovic says, “Never give up, it’s never too late! Left: 34 years, right 40 years!!! Believe, achieve!”

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Leah Gruber’s Morning Rituals

Ms. Bikini America Champion Leah Gruber shares, “What does your morning normally look like? 
I use to wake up with the exact amount of time I needed to get ready (sometimes less 😂) and rush as fast as I could. Maybe grab something fast to eat as I ran out the door. 
I’ve worked on setting up more healthy morning rituals for myself. Here are some that I have been working on: 
1. Making a healthy breakfast 
2. Drinking 20 oz of water
3. 3-5 min of meditation/focusing on the major things I need to get done during the day 
4. If I don’t have to be to work early, try to find some movement in the morning.”

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Power of Staying Fit & Healthy

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Model Universe Champion Jessica Vasquez shares, “Saturday gym vibes! Show up. 💪🏼💯 Get things done even when you don’t feel like it!!! The power of staying fit & healthy is in your hands. It all depends on “HOW BAD YOU WANT IT?” Setting aside time each day/weekly for your goals is a must! Day 16 of the RESOLUTION SHRED has me feeling some kind of way!! Who’s ready for warmer weather?”

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Show Commitment

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Julie Paolin shares, “Positive thoughts 🎀🇺🇸

There is no great success without a deep commitment. To believe in oneself is above all to show commitment. The commitment to continue, to persevere whatever happens.The commitment to face obstacles with courage.”

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Focus on YOU!

Figure Universe Pro Catherine Brunswick shares, “It does not matter what everyone else is doing. Focus on “YOU” and how you can improve the different aspects of your life. Compete against yourself and be better than you were yesterday.“

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Cultivating a Healthy Mind

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jennifer Trinkner shares, “We cannot cultivate a healthy body without simultaneously cultivating a healthy mind.”

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Being Kind

Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea Romero Munoz shares, "Being kind doesn’t cost anything. A smile, giving up your seat to someone you don’t know, a compliment…these are all ways to connect for a short moment in time with someone else. Today try to pay attention to those around you and look for a way to be kind."

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Taking Time to Reflect

Ms. Bikini America Champion Leah Gruber shares, “Taking time to reflect on my goals this year and making sure I’m on the right path. 
It’s so easy to go into autopilot and get stuck in the same routines. Well if we do the same things we are going to get the same results. So it’s good to push outside your comfort zone to grow.”

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Jamie Lynn Hughes Returning to the Stage


After a three-year hiatus, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamie Lynn Hughes will be returning to the stage in June for Fitness Universe! The Texas native is now living large in Los Angeles and chasing the kinds of dreams you're able to chase in LA. Jamie says, "My life today is nearly unrecognizable to the way it was last time I stepped on stage. Change can be scary and sometimes pretty lonely, too. But there's something powerful about discovering your ability to go your own way." As is her style, Jamie has some playlist suggestions for us. "Of course, Go your own Way by Fleetwood Mac is a great song to add to your pump-up playlist when you're trying to power through difficult changes. But my favorite song to listen to right now is the Tina Turner version of Proud Mary. Every morning, Tina's on full volume. Before each workout. Anytime I'm feeling down or unsure of myself. It's like a shot of adrenaline!"
Jamie will be competing in the Pro Bikini division as well as Model Universe.

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