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Gives it Her Best

2015 Ms. Mile High Bikini and Fitness Model Champion, Alex Paine takes it all very seriously. Whether it is staying on track with her diet/workout routines or helping others, she always gives it her best. She aims to motivate and encourage others, specifically women, to push the boundaries and reach their full potential. Alex is currently preparing to compete at Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami Beach, Fl on June 24-25!

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Run For the Double Pro

Ms. Bikini Universe™ Pro Chanel Collette has recently started a Bikini & Figure YouTube Prep Blog where her focus is not only to bring her best physique for the Ms. Bikini Universe division but also make a run for the double pro card in the Figure Universe division.
In her Blog Chanel will share information about her training, intake and what she loves most about competing with the Fitness Universe Family. But most importantly, a bonus to what she hopes to share is what she loves about the fitness industry and some harsh realities she has learned the hard way in her past 5 years of experience.

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Enjoyed The Process

2015 Ms. Bikini America Classic Champion, Karye McLendon started off her journey inspired by other competitors and also with her desire to be a role model . Karye says, "I never competed with the intention of being a fitness model, being picked up by a supplement company or winning my Pro status. I did it because I enjoyed the process, the relationships and friendships that bloomed, the travel, the stage, the sparkle, the lights...." Fortunately, her love for competing and hard work has pushed her to continue. Karye is currently preparing to make her Ms.Bikini Universe™ Pro debut at Miami Beach on June 24-25.

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Managed To Find Training Time

Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Joann Waclawek says “I began competing at the age of 26 when I saw a colorful Fitness Universe poster around town and was inspired to become a fitness competitor.As a fitness professional working in the industry, I managed to find the time to train myself in order to get where I needed to be to compete. In June 2015, I entered my first competition at Fitness Universe in Ft. Lauderdale and entertained the crowd with a fast-paced, energizing Fitness routine. I combined my love of Zumba dance and gymnastics tumbling to create my own choreography with a signature tumble, conveying a strong and powerful style. After my first show I was hooked and only wanted to do it all over again. I love the international aspect of the show and it was very exciting to compete against athletes from all over the world in the sport of fitness. All of the competitors were very friendly and motivational and displayed a great sense of sportsmanship. I had nothing but an incredible experience competing at Fitness Universe and want to continue as I improve my physical fitness." Joann has once again set her sights on the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami where she is eager to prove herself against the other veteran Fitness performers.

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Tremendously Hardworking Mother

Mother of 2 and Personal Trainer, Jackie Swartz is all about being fit. Of course, having two children who are always active and being a personal trainer, means that her life constantly revolves around the youth and fitness. Not only is Jackie a mother and Personal Trainer, she is also a Volleyball and Basketball coach. But don’t be fooled into thinking she has too much on her hands. The tremendously hardworking mother is also currently preparing to compete at Fitness Universe Weekend on June 24-25 at Miami Beach, Fl!

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Pursue New Fitness Goals

Proud single mom, Stacy Lewis has always loved working out and is now on her way to pursue new fitness goals. She is realizing that she can do all the things she’s always wanted to do and that they are not out of her reach. After taking on running and doing several races, she’s decided to take her fitness goals to the next level. Stacy is now preparing to compete at Fitness Rocky Mountain in Lakewood, CO on April 24. She happily says, “Competing in this competition is one of the big first steps and I’m very excited to see where it takes me!"

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Born Into The Sport

Competitive athlete and entrepreneur Alexi Victoria Gustine, is no stranger to the gym. She was raised by her dad, a competitive bodybuilder and nutritionist, surrounded by men in tights and fanny packs, tipping the scales at 300 lbs and frequently stopping to get a protein fix for the men and women her dad was training influenced her lifestyle. She was born into the sport and took to heavy weight lifting, but of course like any human being, she had her struggles. Alexi had an unexplained panic attack in the gym and what was once her second home became a place she felt she couldn’t enter. However, her discipline and determined attitude pushed her to overcome these panic attacks and return to the gym. Alexi competed in her first contest last December, taking first in her class in the open division and then winning the overall trophy and the multi class pose down. Alexi currently has her eyes set on competing at San Diego Muscle Mania on April 2nd.

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Changing Work Outs Get Results

Fitness Universe™ Champion Ekaterina Guensler feels that changing her work outs helps her body to get more results. Ekaterina says "We get adapt to any exercise if we do it long enough , so changing the exercise routine is very beneficial! Following my own advise I started boxing ones or twice a week , I have all new respect and love for this sport , it challenges me in whole different level , It's an amazing cardiovascular exercise !" Ekaterina will make her return to the Fitness Universe stage this June.

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Age is Only a Number

Figure Universe™ Natural Pro Eun Ju Bae shows us that age is only a number. The mother of 3 says "Find your passion, whatever it may be. Spread your wings and soar, do new and exciting things " Eun Ju Bae will be representing Team Korea at the Fitness Universe Weekend™ in Miami.

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Make a Difference

Figure Universe Pro and Personal Trainer, Lauren Stogner, has a passion for fitness and helping others improve. She says, “My clients keep me motivated. Knowing that they look to me for guidance and that I make a difference in their lives keeps me going on days I struggle”. But most importantly, know that “...if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

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