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Going with the flow

Brittany Williams earned her Ms. Bikini Pro status this past June at the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami. Soon after winning her Pro card she embarked on her annual Vegas Youth Ambassadors trip to an Orphanage in Sri Lanka which lead to her winning this years Musclemania India Model Championships. Brittany says "I am heavily involved with nonprofits in Las Vegas. One organization, of which I am a founding board member is Vegas Youth Ambassadors. About a week after Fitness Universe was done, I came home and got ready for our 2nd service trip to the Fridsro Orphanage in Sri Lanka. We traveled with 6 Las Vegas youth to this orphanage to live and work with the children there as well as other projects in villages surrounding the orphanage. We were there for about a month. This leads me to India where I have always wanted to go for some reason (I never knew why). As Sri Lanka is just a little island south of India, I was so close and just had to go.


The rest of the group came back home and I went to visit a yogi friend of mine in Mumbai. A trip that was planned to last about 5 days ended up lasting about 5 weeks. Letting go and being spontaneous is something that I have been working on, so when another friend in New Delhi suggested that there was no way that I could come that close and not visit. I "got sick" (wink wink) and cancelled my return flight home. Instead, I was on a flight north to visit Delhi. Still without much of a plan, I went with it because my intuition told me that I needed to be there as there was something deeper there for me than just a vacation. I took that time to disconnect from the world, social media, etc and spend lots of time reflecting, meditating, writing and working out. Before I totally disconnected, I found out that the MuscleMania India Tour was just about to begin. As crazy as it was, the first competition was in Gurgoan, a town right outside of Delhi that just happened to be 10 minutes from where I was staying. So I took that as a sign. Coincidence? I think not. 2 weeks later I ended up winning the first Model India competition of the India tour. Clearly, it was not planned and I was by no means being a good girl on my normal competition prep diet...I was traveling and eating all kinds of good India, Thai and Sri Lankan food all summer. But I did focus for 2 weeks to try to look decent for the competition. I was nowhere near my best physically, but I mentally... that was on a whole different level. For me, that is what this is about...not just looking a certain way on stage, but using this as a platform for so much more.


This whole summer - from becoming a pro at Fitness Universe, to the orphanage, to being in India and allowing myself to "go with the flow" was one of my most interesting, exciting and rewarding few months of my entire life for personal growth and major transitions. Since being back home for about a month, so many things have changed and many new opportunities have been presented, sometimes I find it hard to believe, yet I know it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Of all of my other personal accomplishments, fitness - particularly being a part of Fitness Universe has been a major catalyst for me moving forward and exceeding my expectations. A lot of people do not realize how much more this is than just getting on stage and competing. There is so much camaraderie and love for fellow athletes as well as so much potential for growth as an individual in health/fitness and life as a whole. The 2015 Fitness America Weekend will mark a year that I have been involved and I don't see an end in sight. I am excited and anxious to compete for the first time as a pro!"

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First Time Passions

Ms. Bikini New England Classic competitor Stacy Newman may not have competed ever before, but the 5'3", 108 lbs. housewife says it has only driven to aspire. "Getting on stage for the first time is why I am so passionate about this later in life. It goes to prove you can do anything you set your mind." The 42 year old mother says she's a self proclaimed chef who loves to take naughty comfort food and experIment with clean healthier options. "I have turned my weak, undernourished body into a powerhouse. Getting ready to compete has been an amazing journey. This is just the beginning." Stacy will be on stage in Hartford with nearly 200 other ladies from throughout the Northeast in the biggest natural show of the spring season.

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Experience on Stage

As a 3x Figure Universe competitor, Wimberly Smith could be considered seasoned to the world class show. However, this year as a new Figure Universe Natural Pro, the she is bumping up her game, moving into a special league of ladies and taking on the world's best. Wimberly says, "I can not tell you how excited I am to compete in the Figure Universe again this year. I have no doubt the experience will be even better this year with the knowledge I have gained from previous year's shows. My teammates, clients, friends and family will be there pulling for me and showing support along with all of the energy that is apparent at every aspect of the show." Wimberly lives in Naples, Florida and says she's the very fortunate mother of 4 amazing boys, ages 7, 9, 11 & 13. "In addition to being a good mom and wife, I run a taxi service, homework service, cooking and cleaning service and caring for the the boys (along with my husband). Plus, I am a CPA and certified personal trainer and nutritionist." What doesn't this lady do?! Well, no doubt Wimberly will be taking all her life experiences and applying herself on stage at Figure Universe next month in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. 

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