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Working Hard & Taking Risks

2015 Model Antelope Valley Champion Sivenn Lee shares.."2016 Vs. 2108: Two difference physique, but same mentality. 2016 was the start of testing myself. Rewind back to 2016: I was working full time and running a Martial Art business along with caring for my parents. I had three mortgages to pay. My mortgage, my parents and the business. It was a very stressful time in my life. I turned into working out as a stress reliever and I was determined to work out every day before work. I don’t know what made me do it, but at the time I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone, and I looked up Musclemania. I wanted to trained myself and push myself to my limits. I thought to myself “Why not try it out?” I trained every day and when the competition came I flipped out and thought “Wtf, am I doing?” I placed 1st and 2nd and didn’t realized that that day marked a very special meaning.. it wasn’t about placing, but instead it was about “perseverance”. It marked the beginning of taking risks, of pushing myself, and not being scared of failures. Now fast forwarding to 2018: Divorced, sold my beautiful 6 bedroom home to dealing with Alopecia... After placing 2nd in Vegas and seeing the growth pushes me to do even more. Through it all, I realized the correlations between my fitness and business journey. They both take risks, hard works, and disciplines. Cheers to 2019 same mentality, and the same goals!" Sivenn will be competing this Saturday at the Fitness Antelope Valley Championships in the Bikini and Fitness divisions

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Starting Over, Never Give Up!

Model California Champion Victoria Schexnayders shares, “I am competing with this woman right here on stage, yes myself! It isn't easy starting over after doing bikini shows back to back in 2017 then taking a year off I definitely gained some weight & that year off I was very stressed, had anxiety, and depression and felt like I was never going to get out but instead of continuing to be in the state that I was in I found it in me to say I don't want to live life this way and I want to live life to the fullest so I made some huge changes in my life. I got out of a toxic relationship, I focused on myself and what made me happy & I had faith that things were going to be better and I have been taking it one day at a time. Getting ready for a show and in general getting fit is a process. You have to be patient and learn to enjoy every step of the way. It has only been a few months that I have been on competition prep but I already feel like I am myself again. I have never been happier, so motivated, and driven to reach my goals. I try my best to look for the postives and stay away from the negativity even if I have a bad day or don't see the results that I want the key is to stay consistent and NEVER give up. If you want it you have to work for it, we live in a society that expects and demands instant gratification.. take your time trust the process love your self and positive vibes. Looking back at the weight / fat I gained during that year off I am using it to build the muscle & can see that I have made more gains then when I started. Turn the neg into a pos at the very least find a silver lining. Love, Victoria.”


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New Week, New Goal, New Focus!

Ms. Bikini Universe Star Bronte Coluccio Shares, “Yay!! It's Monday!!
I'm so ready for a new month, a new week, a new goal, and a new focus!
Ready to be productive and achieve some goals!
Ready to be encouraging, kind, and gracious.
And I'm ready to be me and ready to be happy”

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Figure Universe Pro Catherine Brunswick placed top 5 on her Pro debut at Fitness America Weekend Last month. She shares shares, “We all have our own preference as far as the type of body or#physique we desire or try to achieve . For me I think there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with defined, strong musculature. I have been lifting weights consistently for the last 6 years and it has definitely changed the way I look and feel. Not everyone desires this look - you just have to figure out what makes you feel beautiful, confident and happy. And remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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You are Stronger than You Realize!

Ms. Bikini America Finalist Pamela Maass shares, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way…
Have you caught yourself saying that before?

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.
It wasn’t supposed to look like this.
I wasn’t meant to feel like this.

I caught myself saying this through my late 20s, when I opted for the “easier” way.
The easier way, as it turns out was incredibly hard. My weight kept on yo yo ing... But that’s the thing, about stuff that’s difficult, they often take you the most extraordinary places. 
And one of the greatest gifts that can come from the hard stuff, is the mental belief that you are stronger than you realize.

I speak from experience.

My journey to the stage required me to do some hard things, I had to overcome my insecurities. I had to do some had things I felt was impossible like meal prep. I was a horrible cook. And I hate to fail. Cooking made me feel like a failure. 
I lost 30 pounds by making the commitment to prep most of my meals in advance (I used simple recipes that even I couldn't mess up). This was 90 percent of my transformation.

My journey also required me to workout consistently every day.

It was hard.
I was out of shape, and every time I finished one of those workouts, I didn’t think I would be able to peel myself off the floor.
But everyday I showed up. 
Everyday, mentally and physically I became happier, stronger, more confident, and ya know what…

I started to believe in myself. 
It shifted everything- not just my physical appearance.”

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The Positives in the Negatives

Model Universe Champion Bree’Anna Lucero shares, “I find myself living in my own little world and dancing to the beat of my own drum 🙃. But in my own little world I’m grateful to find the beauty in the hard times and the positives in the negative situations. 
We have the freedom in creating each day we are Blessed with and no matter what kind of day we are given if we can be a positive light in one person that day then That is a successful day☀️. Not everyday will be easy but I believe everyday is worth it and especially knowing that God is guiding our every step. That’s comfort💜 .

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2017 Figure Colorado Runner-up Champion, Elaine Tai is currently preparing to compete on April 22nd!

Elaine says, "Whenever people ask what inspired me to start competing, I always tell them "I literally had a dream about it. When I woke up, I thought 'Hey, that seems like a good idea. I'm going to do it!"

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Faithful Lifestyle

Ms. Bikini Universe Champion Alanna Mills follows her faith as an outlet for daily motivation.

Alanna hopes to strive and develop her motives, intent and character and to MODEL for those in my life the IMPORTANCE of doing just that. She says, "We must be open to make MISTAKES and GROW. Growth isn't based on being PERFECT, but moving towards to BEST we can be through God.💞

Here's to living a healthy, strong, fit, fearless, and faithful lifestyle."

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Your Value

Dieting Coach Paula Pavan says, "👋🏼 hi hi hi! Use me as a model, but not as a mirror, okay?
🧞 ♀️ each one is each. I have my glow ✨, you have your glow ✨, she has hers ✨ it may even be that you don't see, but it does! I swear! ❤️ you have your value...

😎 no more blah blah blah... I'm in " off season ". This means my body is " resting " and building muscles 💪🏼 mara for the next competition. 🤐 I'll tell when I'll be on stage again...

🙏🏼 I'm eating like a swine 🐽... yummy life!

👉🏼 Carbo 🥔 253 G Protein 🥩 135 g, fat 🍳 60 g.
Calories: 2092
Weight: 51 kg sometimes more, sometimes less
(our weight fluctuates much).
Height: 1,63

And have you calculated your macros? Tips? Leave your comment ❤️

Coconut kiss 🥥 with nutella 🍫 for you.

Paula 👙"

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Let's get some Saturday morning motivation going to finish up the weekend strong and ready for the next!!

Figure Universe Pro Jill Braxmeyer shares, "I typically don't make a decision until I do my research. It was no surprise that I did the same while choosing theme wear for the bikini round. I wanted the theme to mean something personal to me and the events that occurred this past year. Enter The Peacock. In some cultures, the peacock, guards the entrance to the gates of heaven. It symbolizes some of the most admired human characteristics; such as, integrity, wisdom, patience, kindness, compassion, love, nurturing, good luck and the beauty we achieve when we show our true colors. May our true colors always shine."

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