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2017 Figure Colorado Runner-up Champion, Elaine Tai is currently preparing to compete on April 22nd!

Elaine says, "Whenever people ask what inspired me to start competing, I always tell them "I literally had a dream about it. When I woke up, I thought 'Hey, that seems like a good idea. I'm going to do it!"

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Faithful Lifestyle

Ms. Bikini Universe Champion Alanna Mills follows her faith as an outlet for daily motivation.

Alanna hopes to strive and develop her motives, intent and character and to MODEL for those in my life the IMPORTANCE of doing just that. She says, "We must be open to make MISTAKES and GROW. Growth isn't based on being PERFECT, but moving towards to BEST we can be through God.💞

Here's to living a healthy, strong, fit, fearless, and faithful lifestyle."

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Your Value

Dieting Coach Paula Pavan says, "👋🏼 hi hi hi! Use me as a model, but not as a mirror, okay?
🧞 ♀️ each one is each. I have my glow ✨, you have your glow ✨, she has hers ✨ it may even be that you don't see, but it does! I swear! ❤️ you have your value...

😎 no more blah blah blah... I'm in " off season ". This means my body is " resting " and building muscles 💪🏼 mara for the next competition. 🤐 I'll tell when I'll be on stage again...

🙏🏼 I'm eating like a swine 🐽... yummy life!

👉🏼 Carbo 🥔 253 G Protein 🥩 135 g, fat 🍳 60 g.
Calories: 2092
Weight: 51 kg sometimes more, sometimes less
(our weight fluctuates much).
Height: 1,63

And have you calculated your macros? Tips? Leave your comment ❤️

Coconut kiss 🥥 with nutella 🍫 for you.

Paula 👙"

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Let's get some Saturday morning motivation going to finish up the weekend strong and ready for the next!!

Figure Universe Pro Jill Braxmeyer shares, "I typically don't make a decision until I do my research. It was no surprise that I did the same while choosing theme wear for the bikini round. I wanted the theme to mean something personal to me and the events that occurred this past year. Enter The Peacock. In some cultures, the peacock, guards the entrance to the gates of heaven. It symbolizes some of the most admired human characteristics; such as, integrity, wisdom, patience, kindness, compassion, love, nurturing, good luck and the beauty we achieve when we show our true colors. May our true colors always shine."

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As she stepped out of her comfort zone entering the fitness world in 2017, Canadian Figure Athlete Amy Attic brought it a step further by seizing the opportunity to perform her first photoshoot ever with the renowned photographer Eva Simon in Miami. Amy believes that women can be strong and feminine at the same time, sporty and classy simultaneously. For her, being brave enough to expose the different aspects of ourselves, embracing our uniqueness and remaining true to the essence of who we are is sexy and inspiring. In this shot, Eva Simon was able to capture the spirit of that beautifully.

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Stop Over Doing It

Fit Mom and 2017 Fitness America Pro Champion Fitness Pro Stacie Venagro loves to remember when she rocked @taylorswift ‘s “Look what you made me do” in her Fitness Routine in November at @fitnessuniversetour !

We know we loved it!

Stacie says, "This prep was by far the easiest with my nutrition.
There wasn’t deprivation, hours of cardio or overtraining! I spent less than an hour in the gym and had rest days every week!

Stop over doing it and going to extremes! We don’t! That’s so old school."

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Competition Goals

Coach and Fitness Universe Star Ruby Carter Pikes shares, "It's that time of year again! Musclemania! All fitness people who love the fitness world come join us for the Antelope Valley Natural Championships Fitness body competition at the Eastside Performing Arts Center in Lancaster California April 28. Register to compete or come to enjoy the show and support local athletes who have trained hard to reach their competition goals!"

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Don’t Miss The Fight

2017 Model America Champion kara bellum shares, "
And if instead of going back to saying "tomorrow", let's say you started now and fought for what you really wanted

Yes right now

And if instead of saying, "I couldn't do it you said," how am I gonna get there"

Every day that passes is a new opportunity. Don't miss the fight for your well-being.

If you don't.
No one will do it for you.
Strength you already have it in you

My Warriors: the battle begins today. I'm waiting for you on the battlefield we will fight together "

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Healthy Outside

2016 Ms. Bikini Overall Champion Cameron Biafore talks about the importance of being healthy from inside out, not just focusing on the exterior.

Cameron says, "A healthy outside, starts from the inside

I have always been health conscious, but unaware that our food was so unbelievably depleted of nutrients, and it made my body work so hard to get into the shape I knew I deserved.

The first picture, believe it or not I worked out 6 times a week, I ate clean by the books, I was tired, over worked, burnt out from school, my muscles always hurt ( even tho you can’t see them ) and i rarely had a cheat day. I used protein and other supplements, but never saw a difference

The second picture is after I discovered nutritional rebalancing. THIS was the biggest blessing that ever came into my life, immediately I felt a huge difference in my energy go up, I started focusing better in school, I no longer felt I needed to take a nap, my muscles were recovering faster and I lost all the body fat my body wouldn’t let go of!

I feel really amazing. I’m confident, and inspired, I workout LESS than I did before and have better results. My body is happy. I am happy!

Are you ready for a change?"

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All Natty

Figure Universe Pro Norma Jeane Madrid says, "A naive and inexperienced “coach” once told me: “you will never be able to compete in physique and do well at it without drugs...” welp, here I am, Physique Pro, Fitness America Physique Champion and Musclemania Women’s Physique world Champion-all Natty➖Thanks for the motivation!💜"

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