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Sun Always Shines

2016 Ms. Bikini America Champion Cameron Biafore is definitely enjoying these summer days and is looking great doing it! She says, "Believe the sun always shines, and it always will ??"

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Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Mary Morrow encourages everyone to be patient with themselves as their bodies evolve. She says, "Small healthy choices make a big difference in the long run ??"

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Stay the Course

2015 Fitness America Champion Aubrey Worek shares, "My absolute FAVORITE quote right now that I recently read as apart of my Healthy Mind/body program is, "Be Patient With Yourself. Nothing in Nature Blooms Year Round." - Unknown. ?
Almost 8 months postpartum and to be honest, I thought I'd be further along on getting back to "me." I feel better now than I have done in months - and for this reason I am grateful! ???? ??
Literally had zero clue on how challenging the aftermath would be after having a baby ????
??Staying consistent with 2 shakes per day, tons of veggies, wild fish ?? and healthy fats has certainly helped me get to a desirable body weight.
Body composition will take a bit longer to improve...so quitting is not an option!
Women who persevere inspire me to do the same.
Shout out to all those gals who just stay the course.”

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Capable of Anything

Taking a break from her crazy schedule of training and meal prepping, 2017 Fitness Universe Pro champion Anca Bucur Miss Fitness takes a moment to reflect and feel good about her progress. She truly is an inspiration to women and shows that women are capable of doing anything and everything!

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2016 Ms. Bikini America Pro Champion Natalia Castillo is GLOWING and is looking sexy in her one piece swimsuit!

She says, "Learn to enjoy every minute of your life! ?Be happy now ?Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your loved ones... Every minute should be enjoyed and savored ?????"

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Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kara Bellum is anything but average! Through her journey she has learned a few things and shares, "There are two moments where you risk letting go:

1 ? when you think you're too far away from your goal and you don't see your progress.
2 ? when you think you're here and you release what you see as an effort.

For having lived both ?? I can tell you warrior, the only key is kindness (to you not always easy), patience and a "real" change in life hygiene.

Love the path, not the goal ??.
Battle continues this summer ????? ??????"

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2017 San Diego Ms. Bikini Champion Sanja Josimov Hatter made a huge comeback! Shares, "I did this event to grow and get myself out of my comfort zone. I only had 3 months to train for this event. I nursed the entire time I was training. I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I have way more muscle :)"

Once again congratulations!

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Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Brittany Cherie Williams shares, "The woman you are becoming is expensive. She will cost you lots of material stuff, maybe even some relationships and a little pride at times.
She will keep you up at night, try to force you to stretch way beyond what you thought you could and sometimes make you feel like you might be a little crazy.
This woman isn't cheap, but its a deal because she is well with the cost. Don't be afraid to choose her.
All the rest finds it's way to you in the right time.

And so the saga continues..."

Photo cred: Tim Hancock at Dlxvrsn Media Studio
MUA: Karah Bojorquez for Amelia C & Co hair and makeup artistry

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We are so proud and grateful to have such great people like 2015 Australia Figure Medium Class Runner Up Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson to be apart of our family!

She shares, "Happy weekend friends! How about we go out there and bless someone in the next couple days? Not for our own benefit, a favor in the bank, or to feel good about our wonderful unselfish actions... But out of LOVE.

Help a friend move, call a relative you haven't spoken to in a while, help a stranger broken down on the side of the road, write a real nice comment on Facebook, tell someone what they mean to you! The opportunities are endless...

And you know what, you might just make their day!"

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Fitness Universe Pro Anca Bucur Miss Fitness is a true motivator! The happiness and confidence she has acquired through fitness has pushed her to believe even more in herself to achieve her goals!

Follow Anca Bucur Miss Fitness for fitness tips and motivation!

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