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Excellent Holiday

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper knows how difficult it is to stay active and healthy during the holidays, especially December!

Kenya shares, "December is difficult but there is no cold to win us ??????

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Good Memories

Training doesn't stop for holidays!

Former Ms. Bikini Britain Champion and fit mom Emma Louise Burrows shares, "Reminiscing of times spent in the gym. So many hours and so many good memories, and yes, so many pull ups. I’m over the moon that I hit my 8 back to back full range pull up goal, it was emotional lol"

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Fit Mom Shape

2017 Model Asia & Ms. Bikini Asia Champion Yu Mi Oh looked amazing at just 8 months postpartum. The Korean fitness model shares, " I'd like to show that fit moms can keep their fit body shape after having their baby. Working out & eating clean food are the most important aspects to return to a fit body shape."

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Return to the Stage

Ms. Bikini Universe™ Pro Paige Brunker is currently focusing on the well being of her family and baby boy, while still making an effort to maintain a healthy diet. She is a hard working, full-time mommy and hopes to return to the stage!

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Loving Yourself

Lyfestyle coach Amanda Michelle Butler shares, "This photo is YEARS of hard work, dedication, consistency, pain, fear, doubt, power, belief and strength. I cannot tell you what it feels like to look at this photo and think, "Damn, if I came across this picture in a magazine, that's the body I would wish I had". AND IT'S MINE! --- THAT feeling is what health, fitness and a healthy lifestyle is all about. Loving yourself and being grateful for all of the things you and your body can do.

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Favorite Stage

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper shares,"VOLUME" (increase in muscle mass) MY FAVORITE STAGE ??????
•• Here some tips ???? ••
1??Focus on working strength resistance within your training (from 6 to 15 max reps) this will generate hypertrophy (growth of muscle fibers) ?????
2??Do not be afraid of carbohydrates! It is what will help you to grow muscle and give us the energy to train very strong ????
?? EYE! You have to have a% suitable to you, do not try to eat the same as the "strengthened" because we are ALL DIFFERENT ??????????
3 ? Rest ???? Body and muscle need recovery, do not over train ?????????? If you can sleep after training it is a PLUS ???
4??Do not overdo cardio, remember that your priority now should be the weights or anaerobic exercises ???????
5??Try not to have the same routine for more than 3 or 4 weeks so you do not get used to your body! Remember that leaving the comfort zone generates different stimuli or different results ???"

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Passion or Not At All

2017 Ms. Bikini Universe Pro champion Nati Castillo-Model shares, "“Do it with passion or not at all”
For those who know me well, you know how much I enjoy being on stage, and how much passion I have for this sport! ??
I encourage you to find whatever it is that makes you happy and go with it! ???? Wherever your path of life leads you, always make sure that you're doing it because you have a passion for it! "

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2017 Figure America Overall Champion Catherine Eria Brunswick competed at the Fitness America Weekend as a fitness goal of hers postpartum. The fit mom shares "I had already won just by successfully completing the prep and being conditioned to step on competitive stage again 11 months after having my first child. Still in utter disbelief that I'm taking home the overall title. Thank you to my husband @johnbrunswick for being my #1 supporter. I couldn't have done it without him and his continued support of my passion for fitness and this sport. Many thanks to all my friends , family and my followers who supported me throughout this journey. You all motivated and pushed me. I love you all ?? "

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Fitness Universe Pro Champion Anca Bucur shares, "My mood:
Head Up ?
After bad days, always come good days ????

Follow your dream/ goal, be consistent, believe in yourself, have patience, work hard, and then you'll get there!"

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Colorado’s Best

Bikini and Figure Universe™ Pro, Tiffany Yee (Tiffany Yee Figure Pro- Dream it, Live it), was honored to be a part of Team Colorado USA ???? who just became the World Champion Team at the Fitness America Weekend! Tiffany will be on LIVE on the "Colorado's Best" television show with her team on January 5th to share tips from her 21 day mind and body transformation to the New Year!!

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