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Pushing Limits

Fitness Model Champion Daisy, Pro Athlete shares, "Wow what a weekend!!! So firstly i got my first world title as Sport Model World Champion ?? and secondly i competed in my first ever PRO show placing 4th at the Ms.Bikini World Pro Championships ??
2017 has been a good year. Ive been pushed to my limits, been through hell and back more times than i can count. But this year i won my pro card and won my world title ?? "

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Model Portion

Gorgeous Brittany Cherie Williams Williams shot at Fitness America ready for the Model Portion of the Fitness America Weekend!

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Extra Hours

2016 Model Colorado Champion Alex Paine doesn't mind spending a couple extra hours in the gym to better herself a little more each time. Alex is determined to win her place as a Bikini Pro at our 2017 Colorado show on October 15 at Lakewood Cultural Center Auditorium!

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Year Ago Today

2016 Ms. Bikini Overall Champion Cameron Biafore shares, "A year ago today I won my first title. I wish more than anything I could be back in Australia cheering everyone on that competed this year! ???? And if you haven't competed before, it's such an amazing journey of growth physically and mentally. The benefits of the journey to the stage are countless, and I encourage more people to experience this at least once. Who knows, you may learn so much about yourself, and in the process build the best body you could ever imagine ??????"

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Body Tonic

Ms. Bikini Europe Champion Michela Zace shares, "Bodybuilding makes women little, the body tonic is strictly male, the woman must have curves, not muscles

These are phrases I hear every day, and yet I keep practicing at the gym, practical physical culture, the one that you only associate to man.

Sport did not only improve aesthetically (closer life, flat belly, broad shoulders, buttocks buttocks) but it also improved my posture and my back problems, increased my strength and I no longer have any postural problems (suffered Even a slight iperlordosi).

Better the most curved woman and with some physical and defects.. or is the most toned and without woman better?"

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2017 Ms. Bikini Universe Champion Daisy, Pro Athlete says, "When you're going through hell, keep going...Just a few weeks out until one of the biggest shows, @fitnessuniversetour ?? ive never been so determined before so let see what i can bring to the stage ??????"

Daisy will be competing in our 2017 Fitness America Weekend on November 17-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Loving to Compete

2016 Ms. Bikini Paris Champion Kara Bellum shares, "I love to compete and I love the challenge every prep brings but what I love the most is the creativity I can bring on stage with the bikini "sports round". Since day one and my PRO card win in Paris last year I have tried to embody on Fitness Universe stage the warrior I have deep down inside of my heart. I have brought to Miami the Amazon version I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!" Kara is currently training to compete in the Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas.

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Waking Up

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper is currently preparing to compete in our 2017 Fitness America Weekend held in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Kenya says, "Waking up with a smile and a good attitude is the key to a great day !!! So get up and start strong! Just a few weeks out from competing in Las Vegas and my body is starting to get lean and ready to hit the stage! Can't wait!"

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Paying Off

Model Universe Champion Bree'Anna Lucero shares, "Yesterday was shoulder day but I couldn't help but to end it with a flex ????. Keep working to better yourself everyday, physically and mentally. Your hard work will pay off I can promise that.."

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Blessed and Fortunate

I feel so blessed to be competing among the strongest, best and most talented athletes at Fitness America weekend 2017. I am ready to present my very best package yet and defend my World Champion title! The one thing I love the most about this sport is how there is always room for improvement and the competition is always with myself. This organization is truly amazing for giving us the opportunity to grow and show the world what we are made of

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