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Tremendous Progress

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper has come a long way and has made tremendous progress. With such hard work and triumph, Kenya says, "Success starts with the first step ??????"

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Midweek Struggles

2016 Ms. Bikini New England Finalist Katie Veazie is giving us some motivation for those midweek struggles!

Katie says, "Just a little #transformation for ya. While the physical changes are obvious, and no I don’t care which one you prefer, the mental transformation is far greater. Both of these bodies are physically healthy. However, that person on the left would have cared which one you preferred. I spent countless hours in the gym to find a look that the judges liked and that would be marketable. I had no 'edge' and had this overly positive, fake persona. Yes, I LOVE to motivate others and really probably believe in you more than you believe in yourself, but I’m not going to bullshit you and pretend that everything is all sunshine and rainbows all the time. I’ve struggled, I’ve fallen down, and I’ve clawed my way up to become the person I am today. I’ve become someone I genuinely like and think is pretty freakin cool. I’ve expanded my education to become a better trainer who’s training and nutrition protocols are backed by science and not just what the trends are. I’m a better person now. I’m a stronger person now. And in turn, I’ve had more opportunity in this industry than ever before. You don’t have to be like anyone else and you don’t have to try so hard to stand out either. Just be genuine and care about other people. That shit will take you far."

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Time and Effort

After having a year full of triumphs, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Vanina Vara Soto is ready for a break!

Vanina saya, "Took time and effort and now I celebrate my accomplishments!"

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Pro Card Incoming

2017 Model California Champion Victoria Schexnayder shares, "I always dreamt about being on stage as a bikini fitness competitor & in 2017 I did it not once but 3 times. I took home San Diego Model Champion at my first show and 1st runner up in Bikini, California Model Champion & 1st runner up bikini, 6th in the world for bikini in Vegas, & 10th in the world for Modeling in Vegas. 2017 was a great year but I know 2018 will be even better because 2017 was only just the beginning. I accomplished a lot especially for it being my first year ever competing. I lost 30 pounds and felt amazing and now I am addicted to fitness. I want to continue bettering myself not only physically but mentally. Getting into shape really built my self confidence! I just had to believe in myself and in the process and take it one day at a time. Fitness is a lifestyle it’s not something you do for a month to drop some weight and then go back to eating poorly and sitting on the couch. It’s about eating as healthily as you can to fuel your body and mind. You have to be disciplined to be successful and be able to get up no matter how much it hurts or how tired you are you just have to do it. It’s your body if you don’t take care of it no one else will. To 2018! I’m coming after my pro card so watch out ????

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Affecting Lives

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Mary Morrow shares, "Just posting photos with words that I hope will inspire those young girls I teach to love themselves in a world that constantly is telling them they aren't good enough. Being a teacher isn't just to share your knowledge but to inspire the future of our world to be the best they can be. My students are the reason behind this 'life balance' I talk about so much! They are the reason I'm learning to accept my body at all it's stages! I can only hope I'm affecting their lives as much as they affect mine."

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Worth It

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper is starting the year off with a strong mentality and new goals!

Kenya says, "2018, I'll surprise you ??????Now there is no excuse! We already enjoyed, now it's time to focus and meet our goals to ??

You ALL have my support so you fulfill your objectives! Remember that the results are efforts and that although it is not easy, it is WORTH IT! ????"

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Year Gone

As the year is coming to an end, Fitness Model Bridget Therese shares, "Wow! Can you believe how fast this year has gone??
As we reach the end of the year I think back on the last 52 weeks. This year definitely handed me some challenges! Some I chose, like competing in Mexico City and some life just brought my way. Through all of my challenges I found opportunities for growth, not always the easiest thing to do in the midst of them- but when you view your challenges differently you have the opportunity to become stronger and better than before.

This year was also a year where I searched long and hard to find what made my heart happy, what was it that I wanted to do with my life, how can I use my passion to help others? I kept coming back to Empowering Women through Fitness and the ways I can share my stories to inspire and encourage others. I look forward to 2018 with great anticipation and know that I will look back to this day and be in a completely different space.

New Years are exciting, change is exciting and pursing happiness is my 2018 resolution!"

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2017 Fitness America Model Champion Daisy Ward shares, "?? S I D E P L A N K ??
Time is ticking ?? not long left now?? starting to really feel the nerves kick in?? cant wait to just get up on that stage and show the world what i have achieved?
To those who are pushing me through this, supporting me and keeping my head held high.... THANK YOU ?? .
To the haters ?? To the lovers ?? .
Never give up on the thing you dream about most.... mine being world champion ??"

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Finding Excuses

Fitness Universe Pro Champion Anca Bucur Miss Fitness is motivating us to get through these holidays with some self-control around all the goodies!

Anca says, "If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find excuses."

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Beastly Battle

2015 Fitness Universe Finalist Andrea Baker Johnson shares, "In the 4th grade, an oh-so-dreamy boy told me, although he liked my personality, he liked another girl more than he liked me, because I was too fat.

In that moment, the world whispered to me that it wasn’t okay to like myself. It shouted I wasn’t good enough. It began the warfare that is comparison between myself and others. For the next 15 years, I fought that beastly battle.

Then I declared, 'I will feel whole, wonderful, and worthy one day!'

And the journey of self-development began. I formed powerful friendships with the beautiful women I used to envy. I stopped blaming all men for the mistakes so few made. I moved my body. I flooded my body with nutrition. I spoke kind words to myself. I took responsibility. I stopped looking for approval outside of myself.

Without explanation, without minimization, I stand here today as a woman who roots for herself!"

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