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The Everyday Battle

The beautiful Ms. Model Universe champion - Bree'Anna Lucero shares an incredible photo and caption:

"Everyday is a battle, a battle you can either choose to win or lose. It's time to wake up each morning on a mission to win and not settle to lose against any odds you believe may not be in your favor. Don't take today for granted ??"

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Posing & Routines : Korea

Our Korean Fitness & Bikini competitors practicing their poses and routines.

They are getting ready to participate in our Fitness Orient Championships on April 28th and 29th in Seoul, Korea. Live Worldwide Broadcast: fitnessorient.com

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Drug Free Athletes

Figure Universe™ Pro and Ms. Bikini America™ finalist @Tiffany Yee, is passionate about bringing healthy, drug free competition for natural athletes to her state. She is excited about hosting Fitness Colorado Tour which kicks off on April 15 with the Fitness Rocky Mountain Championships. Tiffany says, "Competing always pushes me to become the best I can be inside and out. I love helping others turn their dream of stepping on stage come true!"

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No Excuses

Ms. Bikini Paris Champion - Kara Bellum motivates us by sharing, "No more excuses. If you look for excuses you will find them. In fact, there are more chances that you will actually find more excuses of not doing something that there are reasons for doing it. You want something? No more excuses. Just go for it." Kara will be making a special guest appearance at Musclemania® Arabia in Cairo next month.

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Gettin’ Ready

Our gorgeous Leslie Pantigny - Ms. Bikini Universe Pro shares a photo while while training her upper body. She's getting ready to attend our Fitness Weekend in Miami! For more information please visit fitnessuniverse.com/event-schedule.

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Training on Weekends??

Where do you usually train on the weekends?

We wanted to share a beautiful photo from our Ms. Bikini Universe Pro - Brittany Cherie Williams in the Red Rock Canyons, Las Vegas.

She is also getting ready to compete in our Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami!

Happy Saturday everyone! ??

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Drink Ya Water

Our beautiful Ms. Figure Universe Pro - Fitpunky - Stephanie "Coco" Brewster shares the following fitness tip:

"Drinking plenty of water a day is a great way to help not only hydration, but also weight loss. I know it may seem more beneficial to drink minimal water if you're trying to lose weight, but it's just not the case. If you've hit a plateau ask yourself if you're drinking enough water. If not that's a great place to get the scale moving again. Shoot for a gallon a day."

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11 Weeks Out!

Our beautiful competitor - Gabrielle Dawn Torres shares a #TB picture and adds:

"#tbt to spray tans, bikinis ??, and stage lights??. I live for this???? #11weeksout from the #FitnessNewMexico stage??"

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Adventure Awaits!

Beautiful photo from our Ms. Bikini Universe competitor - Leah Gruber. She loves finding new places to explore.

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Always Ever Changing

Rise and shine a new week is here! Our beautiful Ms. Fitness & Bikini Universe Pro - Angela Gargano-Fitness inspires us:

"Reflected a lot this week. Realized that things are always ever changing. What becomes the norm and your comfort for awhile, may not stay that way forever. It may not be ideally what you had pictured but the universe has a bigger plan and all the changes are to prepare you for something great coming your way. So it's time get back to focusing, having good intentions and letting faith lead the way."

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