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Feeling Grateful

Former Ms. Bikini Britain Champion and Fit mom Emma Louise Burrows has definitely begun the year feeling grateful.

Emma shares, "I have been offline for most of this weekend due to a scary accident I had on Friday. My car lost control on black ice, flipped over and the long and short of it is I’ve spent the weekend thanking god for many things: I had just dropped my boy off to nursery, I climbed out without a single scratch, I didn’t land in the main road, nobody else was involved. I am truly grateful to be here and despite always being grateful, I have a fresh perspective on what is important. Everything happens for a reason, I just wonder what this blessing will lead to...be safe everyone, love and light always!"

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Beautiful Desert

Fitness Universe Pro Sung Ah Shin took advantage of her trip to Las Vegas for the Fitness America Weekend and did a Red Rock photo shoot right after her competition. The Korean fitness model shares, "I love the desert its so beautiful, we don't have one like this in Korea."

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Learning in Failure

Model India champion Priya Binion Fit shares, "You learn more in failure than you ever will in success. So shake the dirt off, lift your head, wise up, & carry on...
Always remember, many of the most success people fell on their faces before they learned how to run. You don't have to be the smartest or most talented. Success just requires massive-determined-action. So, be relentless in your pursuit!"

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What better way to celebrate after her Ms. Bikini Uiverse Pro Debut at Fitness America Weekend than with a desert photo shoot! Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Alex Paine soaking up some desert sun! Alex says" this was a great way to finish off an amazing weekend. I can be a pretty shy person and it has taken a lot of work to build up my confidence enough to feel comfortable in front of a camera, but fitness has helped inspire me to love myself and to be the best me I can be. Now I love modeling and I'll take any chance I can to get in front of a camera!!"

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My Loving Home

2017 Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Champion Nati Castillo-Model shares, "Colombia, my loving home! ???? Exactly 13 years have passed since I left my homeland and I decided to face the challenge of living in a country totally unknown to me ???? I came to this country with many dreams, and aspirations to become what is now a reality ???? ? Thank God for allowing me to learn, grow and fulfill my dreams. I always will always be grateful to my brother and sister in law to open the doors in this beautiful country! ??? The best is yet to come ?????????"

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Never Stop Progressing

Ms.Bikini Universe Pro Jessica Vasquez shares, "Everyday is a new day to work hard for what you want! Set high expectations for yourself, plan out your week, never stop progressing! Each day you are getting better + one step closer to your goal."

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Take care!

Did someone say swim wear??? Yeah you heard us right!! Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Alex Paine, owner of Xela's Customs, is currently working on a new line of swim wear to be released by summer 2018! Check out @xelas_customs for your next competition or swimwear suit!!!

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The Bigger The Better

Ms. Bikini Puerto Rico Kiara Zayas shares, "The bigger the problem, the more you know that your blessing comes in a bigger way. Take care and keep going at it with everything you've got!"

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2017 Model America Champion Kara Bellum shares, What can I help you with?

In the coming months I'm going to give myself up ?? to help you in your battles with:
?? insta posts to motivate you on a daily basis ??
?? A P4s (program of the 4 seasons) that has already proved its worth ??????
?? free #kbtraining every Saturday on yt ??????
?? regular yt videos focused on tips & lifestyle ??
But what I want mostly is to keep sharing your battles by staying accessible and listening ??
So... what else can I do to help you with your struggles?please give suggestions ??"

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Control of your Health

2017 Ms. Bikini America Champion Leah Gruber shares, "Take control of your health. I would much rather watch a movie than go to the gym, eat cookies instead of a salad, or sleep in instead of going to an early yoga class. Making healthy choices isn’t always easy but it’s something we are all capable of. Seize those moments of motivation to make a small change and start a streak. Every day I have challenges and while I’m not perfect on any day, making those little choices definitely adds up"

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