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Attention Ladies!

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jessica Vasquez shares, "??ATTENTION LADIES??
Don't be afraid to lift weights! ???????As a matter of fact a combination of strength training and cardio workouts have enhanced my lady curves and toned up my body! YES, it takes time to shape your body exactly how you want it!! This month aside from continuing my consistent workouts I plan to clean up the nutrition as I am a big foodie & guilty of having way to many indulgences. Hey it happens right??? Who's with me?? Join me on the 30 Day No Cheat Challenge!! ????????
Step 1 Rid the junk food
Step 2 Shop 4 REAL food
Step 3 Prepare to cook
Step 4 Drink lots of water
Step 5 STAY CONSISTENT ??????????
When I stop seeing progress on my fitness goals it always boils down to what I am eating. It's not easy to push aside the junk food but I am ready to look and feel better from the inside out! Are you ready???"

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2017 Fitness Universe Champion Lou Jen Saldo shares "DISCIPLINE is just choosing between WHAT YOU WANT and WHAT YOU WANT THE MOST. Once you see RESULTS, it becomes an ADDICTION."

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Returning Back to the Stage

Korean Cover model Yu Mi Oh will be returning back to the stage after taking 1 year off to take care of her newborn baby. For all the mothers out there Yu Mi Oh shares, "Our body is stronger than we think. A healthy pregnancy and living life will be back to your old body." Yu Mi Oh will be competing at the Fitness Asia show in Singapore on October 21.

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Lean Out

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper shares, "I'm finally starting to lean out! I'm closer and closer each day! only 7 more weeks to compete at Fitness america Weekend in November!"

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Love to be Outside

Medical Social worker, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer Khalea Rae Zobel shares, "I love to be outside and active with my trained therapy dog and foster dogs. I started Capoeria at 29 and gymnastics at 32 so encourage everyone, at any age to do more than pick things up and put things down but to do something they love and have dynamic movement in their lives."

Khalea is currently preparing to compete in our 2017 Fitness California at The Colony Theater! We cannot wait to see what she brings to the stage!

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Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kara Bellum shares,
"?? M o t i v a t I o n ??

Motivation is not something I'm counting on. Sometimes she's there, sometimes she's not. But whatever happens, I'm at the meeting. Being regular is more important than being motivated. ????????"

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Outside Professional Life

Fit Mom Jessica Hood will be making her Ms. Bikini Universe debut next week at the Fitness California Championships in Los Angeles. She has been involved in running MMA facilities for almost 7 years & worked as a coordinator for MUSCLEMANIA Team Korea in multiple fitness shows. Outside her professional life, she is also a wife & mother to 3 beautiful children. Not only is Chris a very supportive husband, he was a body builder & is also her coach throughout her fitness journey.

Working backstage with the team during shows has been very exciting but it was time for her to consider competing. As soon as her now 8 month old was born, she was motivated to start her fitness journey. Training for a bikini contest was non the less difficult with her full plate but through the support & motivation of her husband, it became possible. Battling gestational diabetes during pregnancies really gave her an insight to a healthier future. She wants to be motivational to her kids & other mothers out there to show them that anything is possible with determination.

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Life is Short

2017 Ms. Bikini Universe champion Daisy, Pro Athlete shares, "Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile...?? we have come up with some amazing ideas for the PRO stage!!! Cannot wait to see her work her magic!!!????"

Daisy will be competing in our 2017 Fitness America Weekend on November 17-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Beauty from w

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jessica Vasquez shares, "Beauty is not in how you 'look' as 'Beauty' comes from within." ??

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Why Not Me?

Model Universe 2016 Bree'Anna Lucero shares, "“Why not me?” Challenges are gifts, opportunities to learn.”
-The Travelers Gift
Find the positive in each challenge, there is always a Blessing in disguise"

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