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Errday, Errday, Errday!

Our strong and beautiful Ms. Fitness Universe Pro - Angela Gargano-Fitness reminds us to do what we love daily:

"I don't live for the "weekends" because I do what I love everyday. The saying is true if you love what you do you never work a day on your life. Happy to have such inspirational people in my life throughout the day!"

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Slowly But Surely

Our gorgeous Ms. Bikini Paris champ Kara Bellum invites us to remain patient if we just started a fitness journey, she shares:

"Slowly but surely. A change on the physical and mental plan takes time, effort, patience and a good battle plan.

Works for you and on you, so you can go beyond physically and mentally a little every day warrior.

Because if you don't change internally, there is little chance that any exterior changes you expect occur ???????. And how even they occur, without a profound change of the person that you are, they won't last in the time.

Effort. Patience. Change. Stay focused Warrior!"

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Colorado Guest Emcee

We're excited to have Model Colorado Champion'13 and top 8 finalist from the 2016 Ms. Bikini America pageant, Lauren Delucca, guest emcee the Musclemania Rocky Mountain Natural on April 15th!

She is a published sports and swimwear model, the reigning 2017 Ms. Woman Colorado United States Queen and former Mrs. Wyoming title holder. Lauren enjoys coaching new Model and Bikini competitors at Colorado's posing camps and is training to compete at Fitness Universe in Miami!

Lauren is a native of Iowa yet has called Cherry Creek, Colorado home for 7 years. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Nursing and works full time at her dream job helping others.

April 15th - Musclemania® Rocky Mountain Natural
Registration and tickets

2017 Rocky Mountain Championships

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Never Chase A…

The gorgeous Ms. Model Universe and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro - Jessica Vasquez reminds us:

"Chase the DREAM, not the competition. ??"


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Live HIIT Workouts!

Catch Ms. Bikini Universe Pro,athlete and trainer Melissa Ioja every Thursday at 9:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) as she goes live with real time HIIT workouts! (High Intensity Interval Training). Melissa says "The workouts I put together and filming are ALL the ones I did when I got in shape and became a Bikini pro!!!"

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Good Long Stretch

Fitness Universe Champion Anca Bucur says: "Sometimes all you need is a GOOD STRETCHING ??. Happy Wednesday beautiful people. Stay flexible"

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Staying Healthy

The beautiful Ms. Bikini competitor Heather Messenger looking fierce and focus during today's workout session and shares: "Too many of us forget that you can't pour from an empty cup ... don't forget to do something good for your health every day so you can be there for those you love for as many days possible. "

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Start of a Journey

Nineteen year old, Emi Knight, is from Castlerock, Colorado and loves to ride horses in her spare time. Emi decided to compete to establish more credibility before she started her journey as a fitness professional and personal trainer. She will be competing in her first Bikini show on April 15th at the Fitness Rocky Mountain championships.

Emi says, "I love pushing my mind and body to new limits and competition prep has definitely shown me a new set of obstacles. Anything can be achieved as long as a positive mindset is first and foremost."

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No Secrets

2016 Ms. Bikini America Pro Champion Natalia Castillo shares, "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure"!

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Red Rocks Canyon

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Our Fitness Universe Pro - Ekaterina Meishvili shares a sequence of photos taken in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas.

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