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Remain Focused

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Javihana Azul says, "As long as you remain focused and keep your goals in mind at all times, you will get there and be successful."

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Been on Break

Fitness Universe Sarah Kassimer shares, "So, I have been on a break. 100% rest from any type of workout for nearly a month now. No walks, bike rides, no “just doing upper body,” Nothing! I was having so many problems with my hip, SI joint and more. The great news, it’s working. Inflammation is down and the pain went from constant to infrequent. Sometimes it’s ok to just walk away and give it all a break. My body was screaming for it and is much happier now as a result. Lesson - quit pushing yourself so hard. Know your limits! Listen to your body and professionals - they know a thing or two ?? and be ok with doing nothing when your body needs it. I know with time I’ll get back to it all, but most importantly is that I’m smiling again!"

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Attractive Way

Figure Universe Pro Allanna Jones-Anstaett Figure Pro shares, "The only way to live is by being vi•va•cious
??full of life and good spirit
??happy and lively in a way that is attractive"

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Balance and Strength

Who is still working hard towards those New Year Resolutions? 1 month down! Keep it going!

2017 Model America Champion Kara Bellum shares, "Whoever you are and whatever your battles and your goals, I wish you to fulfill your dreams. The best is yet to come ??. May you have a year that is filled with love, laughter, brightness and hope ??

The best is always to come. Health - Balance & strength to you ?? "

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Figure Universe Pro Jill Schneider Braxmeyer shares, "Be in gratitude always from morning till your eyes close for the night. Push always to achieve your goals. You can accomplish more than you think. When doubt comes creeping in, dismiss it quickly before it takes hold and makes you believe you are less than you are. You're amazing, strong and intelligent. We all need to be reminded of this often. "

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Is it cheat day yet?

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Stefania Hurtado is tempting us with donuts during her photoshoot. But don't be fooled, Stefania follows a clean diet and says, "My new pink sprinkle covered donut pop socket for my phone is the closest I’ve gotten to a cheat meal these past days & I’m lovin’ it ????"

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Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Heather Messenger definitely understands how hard it is to hit the gym everyday when you have a family and kids to take care of. And that's not even including her own personal time! Being a mom is hard, but being a FIT mom is even harder! But that is not stopping her!

Heather shares, "#confession... it has been over a month since I have been able to work out ???????(dealing with some things and will update you all when I have some answers).
?It's in these moments that I am so grateful for the amazing nutrition and lifestyle I adapted into my life 3 years ago because I have pretty much maintained my "physique" in these months off.
??In the past I would have used this as an excuse to eat like ???? and put my progress and let's face it, health on the back burner. But I know better now.
Exercise and lifting weights are definitely important, but there is no denying that #nutrition is everything. "

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Most Difficult Comp

Ms. Bikini Orange County Champion Nicole Jolliffe shares, "Got ahold of my shots from the California Fitness Universe Show in Burbank @fitnessuniversetour this was a most difficult comp for me. I have never gone from one comp right into prepping for anther show. Staying lean for 6 months was tough. I placed 3rd in this competition. Im happy to say ive taken time off since than from a strick training & scdl. I have been able to enjoyed more flexible dieting with heavy lifting. "

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Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jessica Vasquez shares, "2018 Goals -Resolutions
How many of you have some major goals you want to achieve?
I want to ask you another question... How many of you know if you had your life to live over you could do more than you have done thus far?
Raise your hands ??????? & comment below!! Continue ??Expanding + Challenging & Educating yourself! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!"

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Stop and Smell the Roses

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea Estrada shares, "Stop and smell the roses. It’s easy to get caught up in the wins and losses of a show. One of the biggest lessons I learned at Fitness Universe was the importance of being present and embracing every single moment of that experience. I knew how hard I trained, my body was what I had, and I owned it confidently! As long as you know you did what you were supposed to do, and even if you didn’t, you’re already there, so have fun! That confidence will radiate on stage and you’ll realize what competing is really all about!"

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