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Coming Back Stronger

2017 Model California Champion Victoria Schexnayder says, "Been out of the gym for months and taking a break from the grind but guess what I'm back at it again & I'm coming back stronger than ever despite having to make modifications due to my back injury that's not stopping me from being a pro!"

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Keep Fighting

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper asks, "Are you ready for summer? Because I am! I'm more motivated than ever! I'm enjoying the process and progress. I send all my love and a huge hug to you all and encourage you to keep fighting and meet all your goals!"

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Physique Pro Lauren Austin shares, "I am Lauren Austin, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and I am Self-Built! I am passionate about my job and here's why....

Not all of us were born with a perfect body; what we see on a daily basis in magazines or on Instagram may make us self conscious or insecure with the way we look. But I believe if you're not born with it, then you have to build it! Build the body that you feel strong, confident and sexy in! You should never give-a-shit about what people may think of you. I love helping people build the bodies they want and help them to gain the confidence everyone needs to get through life happy and healthy! Hope you have a great day!"

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Happy To Share

Congratulations to Fitness Universe Pro Champion Anca Bucur Miss Fitness on her pregnancy!

Anca says, "I am very happy to share with you the great news: to become mommy and parents shortly. @Dragos_ionescu ❤️

I will also write on the blog, more about, what they meant to me these months, how I felt physically and physically, but especially, to share my experience, because every task has its story.

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Australian Fitness Model Naomi Luck says, "LADIES LIFT YOUR WEIGHTS
Strength training, builds lean muscle that burns calories at a higher rate even while you are resting.
You might technically burn fewer calories during a 60 minute strength training routine than you do running for an hour, BUT the lean muscle that you build from heavy strength training, is going to get you a higher net energy expenditure, because of the elevated after burn that lasts up to 24-48 hours post training. Meaning your body burns fat faster at rest!!

You are not going to get massive lifting weights! That is a whole other argument. You ARE however going to reshape your body, and find it easier to stay lean because your body burns through calories faster than someone who sticks to just cardio for exercise.

This being said- you still need to push past your comfort zone and LIFT HEAVY WEIGHT! If you are un-sure ASK someone to help you or hire a Trainer like myself, here in this pic, that actually knows how to lift, just ask them what a low bar back squat is... if they don't know...walk away. If they put you on a 1000 calorie diet...run away! "

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True Love

Let's wake up with morning stretches with Former Ms. Bikini Britain Champion and Fit mom Emma Louise Burrows!

For today's motivation, Emma says, "Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you. It’s what makes you individual and the imperfections you have, that is most beautiful about you. When you are surrounded by people who appreciate those things and love you for them then you know you are surrounded by true love."

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2017 Ms. Bikini Paris Champion Julie athlète Pro Musclemania  says that you must break your limits in order to achieve success.

Julie shares, "Nothing can imprison you except your own thoughts. Nothing limits you except your own fears. And nothing controls you except your own mind."

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Two-Way Street

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Stefania Hurtado is starting the week off strong and motivated!

Stefania says, "Hard work is a two-way street. You get exactly what you put in. Good morning friends, fit-nish this Monday strong! Don’t count the days, make the days count!"

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Competition Vs Reality

2015 Fitness Universe Finalist Andrea's Tale of a Tight Tush shares, "Competition Life Vs. Reality

Take a look at this comparison with those pretty eyes of yours!

That left picture represents hard work. I see dedication, sacrifice, and pure badassery.

The right picture, being only a few weeks later (yes it really does happen that fast!), I see a body that represents health. I see a woman whose body directly reflects a shift in goals.

I am always grateful when a woman compliments me on my competition figure because I worked hard for it, but it’s my responsibility to communicate that reality isn’t a lean, cut body year round if your goal is to be healthy.

Sister friend, please don’t compare yourself to me at all! And definitely don’t take a look at my competition photos and think I’m rockin’ that definition 24/7. Yes girl, I have dimples when I walk and side rolls when I sit.  I chalk it up to being a glorious woman with glorious lady bits that are capable of bringing life into this world. Now, I’ll take that any day!"

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Being Fit

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper shares, "How do you start being "fit"?

A question that they ask me very often! (•• If you have any questions about exercise or feeding, COME HERE ••)

LO FIRST that you should know is that everything is LITTLE TO LITTLE, the key to the results is the CONSISTENCY

Here are some tips if you're going to start taking care of yourself ... 

Start with being DEDICATED that you want to do it, no one is going to force you, no one is going to strive for you and the results will only be FOR YOU AND FOR YOU
If you go to the GYM for the first time, I recommend that you start adapting your body to this new stimulus, do not want to charge like the others who take more time! It works with machines of integrated weight, leagues or self-loading ... It is NOT recommendable that you go to the FREE WEIGHT because you still do not have the stability or the strength and it can be dangerous
 "DO I BEGIN WITH DEFINITION OR VOLUME?" In the diet, first of all you have to make habits, it's not like I eat a lot of carbohydrates or I take them all away!  you have to adapt your body to eat 5 to 6 times a day (it depends on each person) so that your metabolism adapts and accelerates!
DO NOT DESIRE, the changes or results do not arrive overnight, how I said "CONSTANCE" ... Do not wait in 1 week what you have not looked after in years Finally, DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE TAKEN BY BAD THOUGHTS! Do not feel bad if someone makes a bad comment or corrects you in something, NO ONE comes knowing, we were all new and we continue learning from the greatest!


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