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Change Things Up

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Alex Paine (Paine4Gains Fitness) shares , "Sometimes you just got to change things up!!! New hair, new goals, new training style, and new diet!!! If you ever feel like your stuck, you probably are, and changing things up, even just a little, can really help you to stay motivated and see results!!!!"

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No Excuses

2017 Model California runner up and Fit Mom Jessica Hood shares, "Honestly, my schedule is outrageous with having a family of 5, work and so on... BUT I still keep a conscious mindset about what I should be doing to keep myself healthy. NO EXCUSES. Since my last show, I've been trying new workouts & learning more about my body. Post competition / before having my kids, I'm in better shape than I've ever been. I don't need a size 24 waist to prove how healthy I am. I feel good & that's what should always matter. After managing MMA gyms for years, being offered to Manage 1 of the largest Yoga Studios in the US @Vegashotstudio was definitely a game changer for my fitness journey. Thankful for it all"

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Big Dreams

Fit Mom and Administrative Receptionist Linda Flores is getting ready to compete in at 2018 Fitness Rocky Mountain in Bikini category!

Linda says, "I enjoy going to the gym! This is one of my favorite quotes that always motivates me: "Never give up in what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts"
-Albert Einstein

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Make A Difference

2015 Ms. Bikini America Pro Champion Luana Moreira shares, "You never know what results will come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no results. Make a difference everyday and work even harder everyday."

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Time To Grind

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Paine4Gains Fitness shows us the reality and the struggle of squeezing in workouts during a busy day! Alex mentions that she finds herself working out late at night, but it's all worth it!

Alex shares, "Because when you have a 60 hr workweek, are taking classes, and are trying to run a business you sometimes have to work out late...because at 5 weeks or is time to grind!!! Getting after it tonight at the home gym! Now to finish up my teaching philosophy paper before tomorrow morning! ...success takes work!!"

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Mapped Out

2016 Model Universe Champion Bree'Anna Lucero says, "Believe in yourself and you will be UNSTOPPABLE

The confidence in believing you have no boundaries in achieving anything you want to in life is so vital.
Our minds are so powerful!

What keeps my confidence high in my journey is not knowing the exact direction I am going but knowing who is has my life already mapped out. God had my life planned out for me before I was born and I look forward to the adventure in hand. Keep your Faith focused and your imagination/dreams limitless."

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Motivate Yourself

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Javihana Azul shares, "You are the energy you transmit and only you can motivate yourself to achieve your goals."

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Coming Back Stronger

2017 Model California Champion Victoria Schexnayder says, "Been out of the gym for months and taking a break from the grind but guess what I'm back at it again & I'm coming back stronger than ever despite having to make modifications due to my back injury that's not stopping me from being a pro!"

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Keep Fighting

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper asks, "Are you ready for summer? Because I am! I'm more motivated than ever! I'm enjoying the process and progress. I send all my love and a huge hug to you all and encourage you to keep fighting and meet all your goals!"

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Physique Pro Lauren Austin shares, "I am Lauren Austin, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and I am Self-Built! I am passionate about my job and here's why....

Not all of us were born with a perfect body; what we see on a daily basis in magazines or on Instagram may make us self conscious or insecure with the way we look. But I believe if you're not born with it, then you have to build it! Build the body that you feel strong, confident and sexy in! You should never give-a-shit about what people may think of you. I love helping people build the bodies they want and help them to gain the confidence everyone needs to get through life happy and healthy! Hope you have a great day!"

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