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Success is No Accident

2018 Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Runner Up Julie Paolin shares, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.”

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Love And Strive

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper shares, "Ever since I discovered my passion, my smile has grown more and more! I am proud of what I have achieved in this time and you should also feel proud of yourself and everything you've done! DO NOT JUDGE, DO NOT BE CRITIQUES, there's already too many people doing that! LOVE and strive to be better with every day that comes 🙆🏻♀️💪🏻💕"

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Eye Set On Future Goals

#motivationmonday Model Mexico Champion and Fit Mom Bridget Therese Fitness Model has started the day by setting her goals and getting ready to work towards them.

Bridget says, "Hard to believe that my Mexico City show was almost a year ago! I had such an amazing time preparing for this competition. I put a lot of time and effort into every aspect of my training. I have my eye set on future goals for 2019! Training is about to begin 💪🏼🏆 Never forget you can do anything you set your mind to!"

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Never Too Late

Congratulations to this fit mom, Maria Lara, who just took 1st place in the Ms. Bikini Masters division at her first Musclemania show! Maria shares, “I’m a mom of 4 very busy kids, turned 45 this year and got in the best shape of my life.. I plan to keep going to compete again at the November show and hope to inspire and motivate other women especially Latina and mature women that it’s never to late to reach for your goals!!"

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Help Others

Fit Mom Gabriela Sais Lessard shares, "I wish to work my way to getting my nutritional coaching certificate in the USA and also becoming certified as a personal trainer and one day when my youngest is old enough to go after my Masters in Family Therapy. My passion is to help people with their personal lives and in the fitness industry."

Gabriela is competing today at The Eastside Performing Arts Complex!

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Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness Universe Star Gretchen Zaharopoulos has made such great progress and is ready to hit the stage TODAY for 2018 Fitness Antelope Valley Championships! This will be Gretchen's 4th show with our fitness family!

Gretchen shares, "I aspire to continue to maintain this healthy lifestyle while coaching and encouraging others in their own lifestyle and fitness journey to do the same."

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Finding Success

Ms. Bikini America Champion Leah Gruber shares, "One of the most important lessons I’ve learned this last year is to push past my comfort zones to achieve something I've never achieved before. For my fitness competition I knew I'd have to do something different to get a different and better result. The changes I made to my diet and training weren't huge but they were more challenging than my previous contest preps. More than once I had to push through a mental block.
But finding success on the other side was such a huge confidence booster for me, and more rewarding than winning the lottery. "

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Aggressive Goals

Congratulations to Sports Model Rocky Mountain top 3 finalist, Sarah Del Rio, who is presented her trophy from last year’s Ms. Bikini Rocky Mountain Champion, Emi Knight! Sarah shares, “I don’t lose fat or gain muscle quickly. Every prep is a grind. What I am is extremely stubborn. And once I’ve got something in my head, nothing will dissuade me. I’ve got some aggressive goals in my mind and a strong team to guide me. I’m looking forward to the next grind.”

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Bring Home Some Bling

Fitness Universe Star Stacy Lewis shares, "It feels SOO good to beat my 2016 physique and bring home some bling! Thank you to everyone for all of your kind words these past couple of days!!! Thank you to Ryan for all of your expertise, advice, time and motivation! Thank you to my gym ladies, you motivate me and inspire me daily! Thank you to all my family and friends who supported me through prep and came out to support me at Musclemania Colorado !!! I am so incredibly blessed!!!"

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Dream Come True

Figure Novice Rocky Mountain Champion and Figure Open finalist, Katie Gordon, shares her transformation pictures with us saying, “The past few days have been a dream come true! I’ve met amazing people and got to compete as a figure competitor for the first time! The photo on the left was taken 2 1/2 years ago, after the birth of my second child. The photo on the right was taken right before hitting the stage for the first time on Sunday! Whatever you desire can be yours with dedication! So grateful for this journey, and those who have helped me along the way."

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