• appointing goals

Appointing Goals

After eating at different restaurants, having cocktails, celebrating, plane rides, being delayed in airports for 2 days,’10 Ms. Bikini & Figure America Champion Lori […]

  • multiple methods

Multiple Methods

Last year, ’13 Ms. Bikini Texas winner Alina Adams made a determination to compete for the first time in the Texas show. She was happy with […]

  • future-challenges

Future Challenges

Jana Kovacovic is preparing for the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show this November. It is an emotional event for her, because she […]

  • humbling-workout

Humbling Workout

Figure Universe Pro Michele Welcome has been practicing yoga and has done some on-the-fly workouts at the outdoor track. However she has not done […]

  • keeping-it-off

Keeping It Off

’14 Ms. Bikini Universe Masters Champion Ann Hubbard had an amazing half day of sunrise, Starbucks, surf and sand in Florida when competing at […]

  • drive and determination

Drive and Determination

’14 Ms. Bikini New England Competitor Cynthia Gerome does not complain and puts in an effort to change. She knows it is a long […]

  • hooked-on-fitness

Hooked on Fitness

One year ago Ranee Araby made it her goal to compete in the ’14 Figure New England show. She is happy & proud to […]

  • Doing-it-for-myself

Doing it for Me

People ask Ms. Bikini New England Competitor Molly DelleChiaie, Why would you continue to torture yourself by eating like you do if you have […]

  • Expanding-horizons

Expanding Horizons

Four years ago, Genieve Sanchez challenged herself to compete in Fitness New Mexico Championships to expand her athletic horizons.  She became the fitness transformation […]

  • August-challenge

August Challenge

‘13 Musclemania® competitor Melanie Redington suggests adding 2-4 ingredients in your kitchen that supports health from the inside out.  She considers healthy skin, digestion, […]

  • universe-stars

Universe Stars!

Shining last month in Florida were Fitness Universe Champions (L-R) Sheri McCall Vucick (Open Women), Mike Peele (Open Men) and Stacie Wildenhain Venagro (Pro). […]

  • life-takes-courage

Life Takes Courage

Some words of wisdom from Ms. Bikini Universe competitor Erika Laura Strimer. “Life takes courage! It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to […]

  • technically-trained

Techincally Trained

Desiree Nathanson brings dance to the stage in an exciting way.  The Georgia native explains, “I was a dancer before I was a fitnesser.  […]

  • media-diva

Media Diva

A veteran to the Ms. Bikini Universe™ stage and one of the first selected Ms. Bikini Universe™ Pros, Sally Leung has been busy promoting […]

  • loving-fitness

Loving Fitness

Competing for the first time, Bostonian Isabelle Atkinson nearly snatched the Ms. Bikini New England Medium Class. The 5’6″, 130 lbs., 22 year old […]

  • Commercial-model-dreams

Commercial Model Dreams

New to the competition scene, Alina Adams was able to take a 5x World Champion to the brink and nearly came away with the […]

  • Veteran in Many Ways

Veteran in Many Ways

While being stationed in Germany, Siah Castellanos became engross in fitness competitions. The 5’7″, 128 lbs, 31 year old veteran has competed in 3 […]