• linda-mitchell

Fitness Veteran

As the owner of Chickfitj Studio in Ohio, Linda Mitchell say's her mission is, "To help women love themselves when they look in the [...]

  • karely-herrera

Just Me

Preview of the latest photo shoot of Ms.Bikini Universe Pro Karely Herrera. Last year, Karely walked on stage and surprised everyone by winning both [...]

  • johanna-sabucchini

For Fun and Fitness

Johanna Sabucchini has won Ms. Bikini New York, Model Universe™ and even Miss New York Universe Pageant™. The 5'7", 130 lbs., 27 year old [...]

  • shruti-kemi

Breaking Boundaries

Shruti Kerni impressed everyone with her graceful presentation to be the 1st Runner up at Musclemania® Model India. She says “It’s always been hard [...]

  • daisy-mastroianni

Fit Family

Fitness Texas Champion Daisy Mastroianni says she had amazing time at the show. But the 35 year old Houston native explains keeping her kids [...]

  • leslie-pantigny

Thinking Clearly

Ms. Bikini Paris Leslie Pantigny says she started fitness training after moving to French Polynesia a few years ago. The 5'3", 118 lbs., 31 [...]

  • liva-rivera

Transcending Lifestyle

Figure Classic competitor Liva Rivera says she's getting show ready for Fitness Universe™ Weekend in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. The 5'7", 140 lbs., 40 [...]

  • abou-mitri


Lebeanese bakery clerk Anatasia Abou Mitri says she's a "gymholic!" The 5'4", 115 lbs., 23 year old has been hitting the gym for 3 [...]


All Around Athlete

Always an all around athlete from team sports to extreme sports, Trisha Platerito is taking her athleticism and beauty to Ms. Bikini Universe in [...]

  • erika

Enough is Enough

’14 Ms. Bikini America Competitor Erika Strimer takes her stand and knows when enough is enough. She says, “Throughout your lifetime some people will [...]

  • nelson


Fitness Universe™ Bethany Nelson quoting, "Don't ever take a job because it pays well. Too many of us focus on dollar signs instead of [...]

  • ann-hubbard

Never Give Up

2014 Ms. Bikini Universe Master Champion and Figure Pro Ann Hubbard Says "Ladies, NEVER give up the fight as your body goes through hormonal [...]

  • melissa

Special for Me

As a mother of two, Melissa Ioja is an active lady. But the 36 year old, Huntington Beach, California resident is even more active [...]

  • samatha

Step Up

’14 Ms. Bikini and Model America finalist Samatha Symes is nervous of her goals for this year. She says, “Can I actually do this? [...]

  • katie

With Satisfaction

’14 Commercial Model America runner-up Katie Stevens wakes up determined and goes to bed with satisfaction. She says, “If you don't feel a buzz [...]

  • yvette-briant

Competitive Experiences

At a seasoned 43 years of age, Washington state native Yvette Briant has competed in NPC shows for the past 6 years. But the [...]

  • jamie-lynn-hughes

Fitness Flattery

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamie Lynn Hughes says imitation is the highest form of flattery. She says, “When I started in fitness competitions, I [...]

  • kathryn-magnus

Firm on Stage

’14 Ms. Bikini Australia Classic Champion Kathryn Magnus made every excuse for 20 years to not finish her goals. She says, “When I was [...]


Dance Passion

Pennsylvania Aubrey Worek was a Top 5 Finalist at Fitness America Championships in Las Vegas. She graduated from Slippery Rock University and earned her [...]

  • chanel-collette

Success in Attempts

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Chanel Collette defines success as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. She says, “Even the definition of [...]

  • lauren-austin

Two Year Transformation

’14 Physique America Champion Lauren Austin’s 2 year transformation. Her before picture shows what bad nutrition, an eating disorder and just hoping that her [...]

  • candi-alterego

Still in the Game

Ms. Bikini and Model America competitor Candi Alterego says as long as you wake up in the morning, you are still in the game. [...]

  • marybeth-paul

Dedicated Discipline

Ms. Bikini Universe and Figure Universe Pro Marybeth Paul is thrilled to represent the Masters Division. She won Masters Bikini in Vegas 2012, Miami [...]

  • camie-guerrero

Surreal Moment

Figure Universe™ Natural Pro Camie Guerrero talks about winning the figure short division at the 2014 Fitness America Weekend. "It was such [...]

  • paulina-bonilla

No Rest

Ms. Bikini Latina Paulina Bonilla is probably one of the most deceiving looking lawyers you'll ever meet. The 24 year old Mexico [...]

  • maria-anderson

Everyday Decisions

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Maria Andersen offers advice to those who made a New Year’s Resolution. She says, “If you are serious [...]

  • aubrey-worek

Never Bored

Fitness America competitor Aubrey Worek is never bored with all the recent fitness trends. She says, “I see an endless supply of [...]