• yvette-briant

Competitive Experiences

At a seasoned 43 years of age, Washington state native Yvette Briant has competed in NPC shows for the past 6 years. But the […]

  • jamie-lynn-hughes

Fitness Flattery

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamie Lynn Hughes says imitation is the highest form of flattery. She says, “When I started in fitness competitions, I […]

  • kathryn-magnus

Firm on Stage

’14 Ms. Bikini Australia Classic Champion Kathryn Magnus made every excuse for 20 years to not finish her goals. She says, “When I was […]


Dance Passion

Pennsylvania Aubrey Worek was a Top 5 Finalist at Fitness America Championships in Las Vegas. She graduated from Slippery Rock University and earned her […]

  • chanel-collette

Success in Attempts

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Chanel Collette defines success as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. She says, “Even the definition of […]

  • lauren-austin

Two Year Transformation

’14 Physique America Champion Lauren Austin’s 2 year transformation. Her before picture shows what bad nutrition, an eating disorder and just hoping that her […]

  • candi-alterego

Still in the Game

Ms. Bikini and Model America competitor Candi Alterego says as long as you wake up in the morning, you are still in the game. […]

  • marybeth-paul

Dedicated Discipline

Ms. Bikini Universe and Figure Universe Pro Marybeth Paul is thrilled to represent the Masters Division. She won Masters Bikini in Vegas 2012, Miami […]

  • camie-guerrero

Surreal Moment

Figure Universe™ Natural Pro Camie Guerrero talks about winning the figure short division at the 2014 Fitness America Weekend. “It was such […]

  • paulina-bonilla

No Rest

Ms. Bikini Latina Paulina Bonilla is probably one of the most deceiving looking lawyers you’ll ever meet. The 24 year old Mexico […]

  • maria-anderson

Everyday Decisions

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Maria Andersen offers advice to those who made a New Year’s Resolution. She says, “If you are serious […]

  • aubrey-worek

Never Bored

Fitness America competitor Aubrey Worek is never bored with all the recent fitness trends. She says, “I see an endless supply of […]

  • jamie-lynn-hughes

Breaking the Cap

Congratulations to Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamie Lynn Hughes for her partnership/sponsorship with Fit City Foods. She says, “They’ve got some serious […]

  • lauren-austin

Making a Habit

’14 Physique America Champion Lauren Austin is currently training for 2015 Lone Star show in Galveston, Texas on May 16. She is […]

  • Ann-Hubbard

Under Construction

Ms. Bikini and Figure Universe Pro Ann Hubbard says “Rome wasn’t built in a day and at 48, I am still under […]

  • Melissa-Darmawan

Year after Year

’14 Model Universe Top 5 finalist Melissa Darmawan thanks everyone who has supported her along the way. She says, “So grateful for […]

  • nicole-matthews

No Magic Formula

People ask Ms. Bikini America competitor Nicole Matthews how she stays in shape, what is her secret diet and what is the […]

  • sharon-pascual-diaz

Behind the Lens

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Sharon Pascual-Diaz says life is similar to a camera. She says, “Focus on what is important, capture the […]

  • renee-brady

1 Week Deep

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Renee Brady has a message for people who set their goals big for the New Year. She says, […]

  • tiffani-bachus

Reaching the Stars

Fitness Universe Pro Tiffani Bachus tells us to jump and reach for the stars to make 2015 an amazing year. She says, […]

  • eun-ju-bae

Costumed Champion

Figure Universe Champion Eun Ju Bae has represented Team Korea for 3 years and this past November she nearly won Figure America […]

  • abi-christine

Progressing FItness

Ms Bikini Lone Star Competitor Abi Christine is a personal trainer, mother, and a TSN athlete. She says, “What you create doesn’t […]

  • sally-leung

Lifting Myths

Model Canada Champion Sally Leung addresses a common concern about weight lifting for women. She says, “You can’t look like a man […]

  • jacquii-alexander

Growing Up Active

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jacquii Alexander is the captain for Team Australia which won the Fitness America Team Championships 2 years in […]

  • erika-strimer

Attempts at Success

’14 Ms. Bikini America Competitor Erika Strimer has never let setbacks excuse her from trying again. This blonde beauty says, “It often takes […]

  • 10850002_739253939485321_84086761419880527_n

Baby Steps

Fitness Universe Pro Staice Venagro has some motivational advice to share. She says, “Don’t think you can reach your goals? Well guess […]

  • bethany-nelson

Overcoming Any Obstacle

Fitness and Figure Universe Pro Bethany Nelson has been reflecting on her year and obstacles she was able to overcome. She says, […]