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Earned Curves

Ms. Bikini Pro Jessica Vasquez tells us to not be afraid of lifting weights. She says, “Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and I love it! […]

  • stronger-than-ever

Stronger Than Ever

Sandy Sciutto-Cook is training herself for the ’14 Britain Show on September 13. She is a financial technology expert from Peru with a passion […]

  • sculpting-symetry

Sculpting Symetry

’13 Australia Bikini competitor Natasha Seeto puts great emphasis on symmetry. She says “You have to work with what you got. I’ve always had […]

  • Persisting-Physique

Persisting Physique

Nicole Cohn-Matthews is getting prepared for the ’14 Fitness America Show on November 21. Last year Nicole prepped for her first show at the […]

  • taking-chances

Taking Chances

Fitness Universe Pro Angela Gargano knows we all struggle sometimes. She struggles with confidence especially when she hits a speed bump in life. Angela […]

  • strong-moments

Strong Moments

Figure Universe and Fitness Universe Pro Bethany Nelson asks, “What has your strong moment been this year so far?” She has been training her […]

  • making-time

Making Time

’14 Ms. Bikini New England 2nd place winner Elizabeth Sousa is feeling proud of herself. Despite the challenges of the high heat and humidity […]

  • healthy-choices

Healthy Choices

Rebecca Heck is proud to have placed 2nd place at the ’13 Ms. Bikini Universe Master division. She will keep working hard and creating […]

  • real-and-simple

Real & Simple

Patti Kimball placed 3rd at the ’14 Ms. Bikini Universe Show in Florida. She was thrilled to have made beautiful friendships with people that […]

  • daily-improvement

Daily Improvement

Katie Stevens is readying for the ’14 Fitness America Show. She is excited and grateful to be traveling to Las Vegas to compete with […]

  • appointing goals

Appoitning Goals

After eating at different restaurants, having cocktails, celebrating, plane rides, being delayed in airports for 2 days,’10 Ms. Bikini & Figure America Champion Lori […]

  • multiple methods

Multiple Methods

Last year, ’13 Ms. Bikini Texas winner Alina Adams made a determination to compete for the first time in the Texas show. She was happy with […]

  • future-challenges

Future Challenges

Jana Kovacovic is preparing for the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show this November. It is an emotional event for her, because she […]

  • humbling-workout

Humbling Workout

Figure Universe Pro Michele Welcome has been practicing yoga and has done some on-the-fly workouts at the outdoor track. However she has not done […]

  • keeping-it-off

Keeping It Off

’14 Ms. Bikini Universe Masters Champion Ann Hubbard had an amazing half day of sunrise, Starbucks, surf and sand in Florida when competing at […]

  • drive and determination

Drive and Determination

’14 Ms. Bikini New England Competitor Cynthia Gerome does not complain and puts in an effort to change. She knows it is a long […]

  • hooked-on-fitness

Hooked on Fitness

One year ago Ranee Araby made it her goal to compete in the ’14 Figure New England show. She is happy & proud to […]

  • Doing-it-for-myself

Doing it for Me

People ask Ms. Bikini New England Competitor Molly DelleChiaie, Why would you continue to torture yourself by eating like you do if you have […]